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During the times of political violence, Tomas was the first Manrique to try his luck in the big city. Coming from a bourgeois family, he was unable to assimilate the working life demanded by the city. Early on, he accidentally discovered that stealing was the most effective way to preserve his accustomed status. But with that decision, he condemned his surname to a tragic fate: “no Manrique would die of old age”. This story is about a family who in the midst of love and hate as deep as their regret, inadvertently create a criminal organization. This family strengthened by its own will, try integrating themselves to society but tragically succumbed because they created a parallel world to legality.



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    Tomas Manrique
    He is a Colombian rancher with money from the 30's that went to Bogota after the threat of several politicians who lash out against his friend and kill him at his own wedding. When arriving to the capital with his wife and son, he meets Pascual Martinez, who helps him settle in the city after finding him in the train station, but he betrays him and steals the money he brings, all with the complicity of Magnolia, the landlady of the place where he is staying, although he is able to get revenge by stealing from him some gold buttons. Later, the two settle their differences and meet Deborah and her brothel. Later, they start working in the factory of Don Facundo, a man they end up stealing from after Tomas earns his trust, that business is done with the help of Tarcisio, who sells them weapons in exchange for half the warranty loot and leaving Pedro, his son, but Tomas broke his promise after having achieved his goal and takes Pedro. Ten years later, Tomas is injured while her son and his partner are gambling in the brothel, to take him to the hospital; Pedro meets his future wife on that site. Ten years later, Tarcisio locates Tomas and kills him because of him refusing to give up his son as payment to lack it will commit.
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    Pascual Martinez
    He receives Tomas, Josefina and Pedro in the train station, and he initially intended to swindle and steal from them with the help of Magnolia, for what he offers them the best facilities in exchange of knowing the money they bring with them, but then he takes Tomas, who has become his partner, to meet Deborah and her brothel, to initiate him into the underworld business and work together. In his adolescence, Pedro, works with him in the gambling world through deception and accompanies him during his work as a major part of the band of thieves that he formed with Tomas. Ten years later, after the death of Tomas, and the commitment of Pedro to Marlene, he is killed by the same man who stole the fortune of Ananias Romero "El Capi", because he promised his wife to return what was stolen, which was why he was furious and met him face to face, getting shot before he could react, but before dying, he curses Pedro, saying that no descendant of his will die of old age, all will die tragically.
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    Josefina Manrique
    She is the wife of Tomas, and mother of Pedro, who was subjected to suffering after being banished from her home and takes refuge in the capital, and imposing a foreign place for the lifestyle that she used to have but, she is courted and pleased by her husband with the best facilities and gifts, initially ignoring what her husband did to give her these things, but later being fully aware of the activities carried out by her family. During the youth of his son, she asks him to promise not to engage in the underground world, seeing that Pedro look enthusiastically at the idea of participation that Tomas and Pascual were giving him in the in business. She suffers the death of her husband, but is content with the engagement and subsequent marriage of his son, who also becomes a father of two sons, Antonio and Armando. In her later years, she enjoys being a grandmother and makes strong bonds with Marlene, her daughter in law.
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    Pedro Manrique
    He came with his parents to Bogota after being banished from his home for several corrupt politicians, and grew up in a world of criminals, deceit and betrayal, starring his father and his partner, who also became his partner when he got involved in all the dark businesses of the family. In his adolescence he was devoted to gambling by deception with the help of Pascual, and witnessed the first death warning his father had, because the latter was shot because he didn’t keep up his side on a deal and which he took to be the insurance that his father offered while the deal went through, when they took him to take him to hospital, he met Marlene Romero, the nurse who attended her father and who ended up becoming his wife. Years later, he witnessed the death of his father being murdered by the person who he had betrayed in the past, and he sees him die in his arms. The day of his marriage and before consummating, he kills Pascual claiming he didn’t give him his part of the fortune they stole from "El Capi", his future father in law, he later got married and became devoted to betting on boxing with Romano, but betrays him by playing with his reputation. As the father of two sons, Armando and Antonio, he is dedicated to care of their fate, after the repeated warnings of Magnolia, a fortuneteller. During his senior years he is devoted to intercede in the betrayal that his youngest son is doing to his brother. It is finally captured by authorities and since he can´t resist the captivity, he decides to commit suicide by hanging himself in the neck in the cell where he was arrested.
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    Marlene Romero
    She is the daughter of Ananias Romero "El Capi", who kicked out Tomas and his family from his hometown. She worked as a nurse at the Hospital San Juan de Dios, where he met Pedro when he took his father, having been wounded and nearly died. Although initially they had some differences between the two of them, they ended up committing to each other sometime after Tomas left the hospital, and they married the same day that the groom killed his partner Pascual, the main reason why her husband did this, was that she learned of the theft they did to his dad, so he swore that he would return the fortune to be forgiven for what they did; thing that Pascual did not agree with and ended up fighting with Pedro. Years later Marlene had two sons, Antonio and Armando, she also became very close to her mother in law and accompanied her to spend her last days of life. Several years later, she witnesses an argument between her children because Armando had messed with the wife of his brother, and is part of one of the clashes between the two, she ends up convincing his eldest son did not kill his brother. Finally she dies of old age but her last years she seems to have lived them deep in sadness.


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