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Amada Maria Otero Rosas debates between excelling and separating… or the opposite… because her separation from Leonardo is the starting point in a tempestuous story where she, like a good leading lady, will be forced to overcome difficulties. Instead of lightening any load her five year marriage was more like ballast. A dark tunnel she emerged from without children, without a house, without a car or anything she could call her own, because the louse she was married to even stripped her of her self-esteem during their divorce. A guy, who in spite of everything, is hard to hate because he is what women call ‘charming”, and they are not wrong, Leonardo is “a charmer”, but a snake charmer! For a time now he has had a turbulent relationship with Linda Arbelaez, his mistress and ally, with whom he carries out all the delights of this story, which also just happen to be Amada’s misery. Do you want to know more about Linda? We could tell you more, but at the risk of oversight. Opinions about her are divided: ladies despise her for being bad and men admire her for being hot. But she has everything necessary to be a sex-cessful woman; a twisted mind and a big bust with possibilities for enlargement. Amada abandons her marriage a wreck because to make matters even worse her ex-husband and the woman who took him away from her work with her at Velvet, the cosmetic firm she must abandon, renouncing her career as a sales executive. But these are not hardships; our protagonist is determined to succeed even if she has to juggle at a traffic light, be a human statue or sell cell phone minutes on a corner! The story gets even better when the tame little kitty, Amada, shows her claws, because what do you mean a civilized divorce! She is not going to sit still while the other two prance around enjoying themselves … and especially not after they made fun of her and left her looking bad. Vengeance is a plate that is best served cold and nobody is more aware of that than the “ex”! While she goes through hard times and consummates her revenge, Amada must return to her parent’s house. There she is unwillingly received by a family that instead of being united could be called ‘piled together’ and that only give her headaches. A family that consists of a father who lost his shame before his memory, a mother anxiously awaiting widowhood, a very stable older brother (forty years spent inside the house), and two cousins who study at the university (Hansel and Gretel) who, within this small circus, feel like two Martians…oh, and Melanie, an undomesticated worker who arrives from the Magdalena Medio of Colombia. Amada loves them all, but she knows that this family’s bosom needs a mastectomy! But, Amada also has emotional support; she has Elsa and Margarita on her side. Two lifelong friends who adore her and admire her because they see in her the strongest candidate to be crowned Miss Inner Beauty… that is if such a beauty pageant were to exist! Amada also has an inner voice, somebody we can refer to as her grounding force, her opposite pole, her dark side, her other me or her conscience. Her name is Miranda and she has the same face as Amada and visits her in her moments of reflection to either orient her, disorient her or both. The story has a happy ending. Encouraged by her friends she discovers her talent to console and Amada starts a marriage agency in her house that, in spite of her family’s help, is successful. It also leads her to host her own television space offering sentimental guidance on: ‘Amada, Expert in Love”. And love? Well, Amada is too human not to feel it and at the end she finds it, exactly where she should have looked from the start.



  • as 
    Amanda Rosas
    “If before kissing your beloved you would have gazed at the stars you would not kiss her the same as if you had only looked at the walls of your room”. Maurice Meterlinck An obedient, sensible woman, the oldest daughter, she could be thought of as the family moderator. Sweet but firm, and a lot more rational since her separation, Amada is natural, spontaneous, sincere, an idealist and a dreamer. Even if in school she did not excel because of her grades she did when it came to organizing and motivating people. She advances in her career and job at Velvet and it is at this company that she meets Leonardo. With him she lives the most ardent and passionate romance, falling head over heels in love with him, and like the way she put off her studies, in spite of wanting to have children, she postpones motherhood. When Leonardo gives her the final stab in the back Amada is ruined, but begins to discover the truth. The bitter awakening of her separation causes her to become prouder and more analytical. Without needing to walk on anybody she finds the strength to be reborn from the ashes reemerging as an intelligent, independent woman, capable of loving and at last, of being ‘loved’, but this time by a man that is worthy of her.
  • as 
    Sergio Estevez
    “The art of acting like a prince consists of doing good in person and getting others to do what is bad”. Angel Ganivet. A business administrator, heir to an emporium and strictly educated, Sergio is disciplined, talented, creative, cultured and a good negotiator both publicly and privately. Marvelous and perfect when it comes to manners and decisions, Amada changes his preconceptions completely, treating him kindly or harshly according to what his acts merit. He grew up in a family that hardly showed affection, sentiments to him are a nuisance and pain is an obstacle to productivity. His first contacts with Amada are harsh, the woman is his opposite. Trying to maintain a combination of charm and cold pragmatism he approaches Amada so she can find him a wife because he has come to an existential crisis where nothing satisfies him. He has a great emptiness in his life and the candidates Amada finds never please him. Their relationship is proof that from hate is born love. When Amada’s trip is imminent he takes on the most epic and risky venture of his life: detaining her and throwing himself head first into the mysterious abyss of love.
  • as 
    Leonardo Guaqueta
    “Married men are terribly boring when they are good husbands and abominably conceited when they aren’t”. Oscar Wilde. Amada’s ex he is the one who sets off the conflict. A spoiled child who marries to irritate his mother, he has never been able to brush off his progenitor or refuse to give in to her emotional blackmails and manipulations. The man, analyzing things carefully, is a clone who knows how to market himself well. He has learned those gentlemanly gestures that women adore because he knows that this way he will be able to get from them personal satisfaction. He is good at what he does for a living without being outstanding. Thanks to his mother he is very insecure, but has learned to hide it behind a strong man façade. He is jealous of Amada’s achievements, they undermine his self-esteem. He begins to complain to her, making Amada run to please him in order to try to compensate. He does not have a very strong sense of morality and is guided by the pleasure principle. He is socially very adept and wins everybody over. He is very pleasant to men and seduces women and when that does not work, he tries out his good little boy face on them, which hardly ever fails.
  • as 
    Linda Arbelaez
    “I’ve never hated a man enough to give his diamonds back”. Zsa Zsa Gabor Her real name was Hermelinda, but she changed it to one she considered more in accord with the woman of the world she wanted to be. She is a hypocrite; false, calculating, vain, but pretty… very sexy, intelligent and clever. She has everything to be happy but is incapable of enjoying what she has. She is envious and when she meets Amada she directs all her hate against her. When she met Leonardo and, being a great expert on the weakness of the masculine sex, she calculated at a glance the type of husband Leonardo was and realized that Amada’s world revolved around his love and that this could be the beginning of her downfall. Leonardo reinforces Linda’s intolerance by talking wonders about his wife to her. Linda gets along with the rest of the people in the office according to how much she needs them; which means that she sucks up to the ones on top, acting like a sweetheart, and is a frightening tyrant to those on the bottom unless she needs some special favor.

Juan Andrés Flórez
Felipe Salamanca & Perla Ramírez
Juan Carlos Villamizar & Germán Porras
Germán Plata & Fernando Ramírez
Claudia Acevedo
Guarnizo & Lizarralde
Tatela González
Felipe Salamanca, Dago García, Perla Ramírez Seraminoff & Cesar Augusto Betancourt
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