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Gonzalo Lleras will arrive to the country and will complete the triangle of this story in which Arturo and Silvia, former college colleagues, will see each other again after 10 years of their graduation. “Facts” magazine will be the perfect place for the three of them to prove how much they have advanced in their career. While Gonzalo arrives as a winner to take in charge of the family´s magazine, Arturo, remembered for his nickname “the disgusting Bermúdez” will be one of his employees and in charge of the sport section he will continue fulfilling his ego thinking that his wiles make him irresistible within women, without knowing that the only thing he gets is that they make fun of him. In the other hand, Silvia is a hardworking woman that by all means searches to take out the tag of nerd. Although she is successful at work, she finds herself in deep solitude that takes her to the chat rooms to find friends, and why not? The love of her life. In the 10 year anniversary celebration all of the former college students see each other again. For Silvia, having to see Bermúdez once again was to reencounter with the worst nightmare of her student life. By just seeing him, hundreds of bad moments she had to suffer because of the intense but unavoidable colleague passed through her head. For Bermúdez the encounter was neither gratifying and with the first look he recalled the countless times that Silvia made him see as a ridicule by making him remember, in front of his colleagues and teachers, that he was a mediocre student that pretended to pass as a celebrity using a mediocre and heavy sense of humor. Both of them were behind Gonzalo, Silvia because he was the guy who trapped all her sentiments during the college years without his determination and Bermúdez because he wanted to obtain an upgrade as Chief Editor of the magazine. Neither of them could reach their objective, at least that night. Some days after, by designation of Gonzalo, Silvia obtains the job as the director of “Facts” magazine, and Bermúdez fills it’s the end of the world. In her new role, Silvia decides to make some changes and the most graceful change for those who dislike Bermudez, is his new job in the “women and household” section of the magazine. An extreme chauvinist ends up writing topics like “the best way to get a tan” or the “labor situation of women in Latin America”. His articles achieve great success and our protagonist passes from villain to hero and women will end up liking Bermudez. Silvia, who suffered so much with him, will feel trapped between Gonzalo, her platonic love and the perfect match and Bermúdez, a man who will surprise her with his intelligence and sensibility.



  • as 
    Antonio Bermudez
    Better known at the job place as “Bermúdez the Nuisance”. Arturo is a sports journalist who is problem prone. In more than one occasion the magazine “Facts” has been responsible for claims and law suits due to his magazine articles. Thanks to his irreverent chronicles he has gained prestige and popularity. Bermúdez lives with his father and in spite of his bad temper, he is a good son and always tries to give a good life to the man who raised him. He is a man who makes his best to look smart. However, his attire and cologne is always rejected by the opposite sex. He abhors the country, the animals, the fieldtrips and above all, the hot weather. In his free time, he is a couch potato, who drinks beer and watches football. He likes and knows how to dance, but due to his bad temper, he never gets a date. He is generous, but, when he does a favor he becomes a headache, since he is always reminding the favor he has done, opportunity and the profit of his favor. Besides, he is very straight forward and lacks tact when approaching people.
  • as 
    Lucia Congote
    Lucía is the typical pretty, whimsical and unpleasant woman; she has always had the world at her feet, thanks to her parent’s fortune. She is smart, polished, distinguished and a shrewd lady. Every man that crosses her path falls for her and because of this; she has become an expert in manipulating them as she pleases. However, Gonzalo Lleras is the exception, because he never has paid attention to her. Regardless of her tantrums, fits, or feigning indifference, pressures and much less her constant threats making him believe that she is not anymore interested in him. Lucia thinks that Gonzalo doesn’t take her seriously and it is partly true but, she is also aware that he is the only man that is similar to her own standing and by marrying him she will make her dreams come true of living the life of a princess which she has been used to. Currently she works in a TV channel were her family are shareholders, she is the director of the research department and market area and were her performance is not bad, but she could do better, this would imply to dedicate more time and she is not willing to.

Dago García & Asier Aguilar
Andrés Marroquín & Gabriel Casilimas
Tatela González
Dago García
Guarnizo & Lizarralde