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106 episodes



When his wife leaves him for a wealthy American, kike decides to put everything into his company and begins looking for new businesses in the United Sates. To do so he reaches out to his cousin Luis Fernando, who lives in Miami, and to Pili, the beautiful English teacher with whom he falls in love instantly. What Kike doesn't know is that Pili has a boyfriend and Luis Fernando, in trouble with the mob, has hired is lover to help him take over the company. After losing everything, Kike will have to start from scratch in order to compete for business in the United States.



  • as 
    Kike Peinado
    He’s a hard working man bordering on being a workaholic. “Confecciones Merceditas” is the name of the underwear manufacturing company he owns, and is the epitome of his lifetime of work, gumption and dedication, living proof that it is possible to go from rags to riches. He built his business up from scratch with Mercedes, the woman who used to be his wife and mother of his son, Andresito. We say “used to be” because one day she just decided to pack her bags and run off with an American who promised to make The American Dream come true for her. Mercedes did not hesitate and didn’t even think twice about leaving her husband and son to go off to America. Ever since, Kike lives only for his business, which allows him to support his mother and brothers, who are nothing but a bunch of lazy moochers who pray that no woman turns up so that Kike will be stuck supporting them forever. This being the state of things, Kike’s destiny seems to be to work hard and take care of his son and home, until the peace is disturbed by the possibility that Confecciones Merceditas might become more that just a local brand and break into the foreign market. This chance faces Kike with the challenge of learning something he never thought he would need: English, a language he knows nothing about and needs to learn in order to keep the business from being run by third parties. The task of beating the elusive tongue leads Kike to enroll in personalized classes, and amidst his battles with strange words he will end up falling helplessly in love with who is now his English Teacher.
  • as 
    Pili Ortega
    The “English teacher”, as everyone calls her, is a pretty, sweet and down-to-earth woman who has taken on the burden of providing for her family ever since she lost her parents in a fatal car accident. This means she must take care of Cata and Fito, her two siblings, and of course Grandma Rita, who lives in a retirement home that Pili visits frequently, not just to check on her grandma but also to brighten up the lives of the old folks with English classes they attend gleefully. Pili is a Modern Languages major and speaks enviable fluent and versatile English. She was worked in institutes and in marriage agencies as a translator; she takes any job she can so she will not be late with any bills. If we had to speak of her greatest wish, it is very clear to her: to travel to the United States, the country she has studied and knows so much about but has never been able to see up close because she has never been the ideal candidate for the desired Visa. Thus, Pili will meet Kike in a key time in her life, the man will take her on as his private teacher, he will befriend her and witness her life genuinely to the point where Pili admits that he is more than just her English student. All this will happen as the Peinados and Luis Fernando mercilessly knock the couple around in order to split them up. It seems that the war was not declared in vain for Pili sees Luis Fernando as an interesting prospect that scores points with flattery and bad-mouthing Kike.
  • as 
    Luis Fernando Caicedo
    Kike’s cousin, handsome, charming and a total dandy with killer charm. Luis Fer, aside from being a complete bon vivant, is an absolute gigolo, fully aware of his charms and able to woo any woman without hesitation. He speaks English perfectly which is why he ends up working at Confecciones Merceditas as a translator and as Kike’s advisor when dealing with exports to Americans. His arrival at the company is the chance he has been waiting for in order to take over the business that his cousin worked so hard to build up. In order to do so he will attack on all flanks; he will become Pili’s number one admirer to prevent her from giving Kike his English classes and thus taking out his competition. Luis Fer has a powerful ally: Milena, his lover. She works at the company is storage and is his right hand when it comes to helping him carry out his underhanded dealings.
  • as 
    Milena Ramirez
    Sensual and attractive woman who is fully aware of her charms and will not hesitate to use them in order to further her evil plans. She is self-serving, opportunistic and a social climber. She starts working at Confecciones Merceditas as Luis Fernando’s assistant, who is really her lover and partner in crime. Milena will try to seduce Kike to gain access to all sorts of confidential information, embezzle him and, while she’s at it, keep him away from Pili, the English teacher who threatens to thwart her dark plans.
  • as 
    Lucia Peinado
    She is Kike’s younger sister and thus, the burden child. She and her son Alfredo are nothing more than a pair of employment-challenged parasites. Thus, Mrs. Eloisa makes the most of the only thing her daughter does well: flirt with any interesting man she comes across. Mrs. Eloisa patiently awaits the arrival of a wealthy candidate that will take care of Lucila and rid her of a lady daughter in one fell swoop. But Lucila’s heart is set on Luis Fer, whom she believes is the family’s rich cousin. The woman sends every possible message to let him know she is available but this only irritates Luis Fer who feels nothing for her. Even so, Lucila is determined to land her man no matter what as long as she can find herself a sugar daddy that will support her for the rest of her unproductive life.
  • as 
    Doña Eloisa
    Mother of Kike, Lucila and Alfredo, she is a dominant woman willing to trample over anyone as long as she keeps the goose with the golden eggs safe and sound; the goose of course being Kike, the only one of her children that turned out all right. Mrs. Eloisa is devoutly religious and trusts that the army of saints she has surrounded by candles in her bedroom is the only thing that is keeping her son anchored at home ever since Mercedes left him. And even though she thinks Mercedes is a gold-digger, she thinks that is the only woman that Kike should be with. This possessive, asphyxiating and selfish woman’s greatest fear is to live out her last years without the comforts her son has provided her with. She assumes this will happen the day that a new woman arrives in Kike’s life, which is why she is determined to avoid that at all costs, especially because she knows that Lucila and Alfredo, her other two children, would let her starve to death if ever Kike leaves the Peinado household.