El Cartel 2
50 episodes



Now, Pepe Cadena is the biggest snitch, who will tell what happened during the last four years: how he managed to get out of jail in New York and how he cooperated with the DEA; his cases as informer along with Anestesia; his escape to Colombia, and the moment when he was arrested again and sent to prison. Pepe Cadena says that Martín didn’t tell the whole truth. And now he is willing to reveal all the secrets and he will break any agreement of loyalty, “because when it comes to finding freedom, it has no price, there is nothing you can do and loyalty ends right there…” That’s how Pepe Cadena, as long as he could be free, became “the king of the snitches”. But actually, they were all lies… he doesn’t have the connections he claims to have, and what seems to be his great master stroke, will end up being his worst nightmare. His enemies will want to crush him… and his friends too. But life… or death will show up where Pepe Cadena least expects it, because now, his worst enemies will be his greatest allies and his friends will be his enemies. In the United States, they are looking for him to kill him, and in Mexico, the war of the cartels is more and more dangerous. El Cabo and Don Mario have their alliances; The Capi’s men are with El Cabo and El Golfo’s men are with Don Mario… So, Pepe Cadena will be in the middle of a war without a way out, and between the DEA, the national army, El Capi’s men and El Golfo’s men, there will be blood in every side, in México and in Colombia. The Cartel 2, a series with more action, more intrigues, more contemporary and more SNITCHES.



  • as 
    Andrés becomes a “snitch” and he puts on airs of being a cop; his problem is that he doesn’t have much information either, and along with Pepe, they will try to get some information by cheating some of their friends and drug dealers.
  • as 
    She is a humble woman who travels to Mexico hoping that she can get a job there as a maid, but she ends up packing the drug that El Cabo send to "El Piloto".
  • as 
    Andrea Negrete
    Exuberant woman. She is Golfo’s niece, Mexico’s most powerful gangster. Her decisions are fundamental in the drug dealing business and she loves Colombian people. That’s why she ends up getting married to El Puma and then she will be attracted to Racines.
  • as 
    "El Cabo"
    After leaving the police force, he goes back to the world of drug dealing, at the service of the Cadenas. By climbing up positions, he manages to become one of the biggest gangsters of the country. Since he knows that the future of the business is in Mexico, he joins "El Piloto", another powerful gangster of the Aztec country.
  • as 
    Pepe Cadena
    Pepe reaches an agreement to be released from prison and he becomes an informer for the DEA, even though he has no information to offer. He will end up becoming an infiltrator of the secret service of the United States in order to get money to support himself in Miami and to pay for his daughter’s visa because he is desperate to be with her again.
  • as 
    Zuly is Oliver Carmona’s wife. She is a maltreated and submissive woman that bears the pain in order to keep her family alive.
  • as 
    El Puma
    He is a Colombian man. However, when he travels to Mexico, he thinks he is the toughest guy of all the Mexicans. He knows that his wife cheats on him, but he’s dumb. He cooperates in the business and he lives like a king.
  • as 
    Don Mario
    Since Pirulito and Buñuelo are out of the business, Don Mario becomes El Cabo’s direct enemy and he also pretends to expand his business in Mexico, by joining forces with El Golfo.

Claudia Valencia & Flor Ángela Dávila
Cristina Palacio Pombo
Luís Alberto Restrepo
Juan Carlos Morelo, Fernando Traslaviña, Germán Plata & Diego Forero
Daniel Broderick & Juan Carlos Pellegrino
Fabián Rodríguez
Guarnizo & Lizarralde
Jörg Miller