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It only took Dora one glance to know that she had found the man that would make her unhappy for the rest of her life. Juan’s attitude entering the building was itself a challenge for Dora, who stopped him at the reception desk and asked him for his ID. When Juan continued to walk towards the elevators he was immobilized and held at gunpoint by her. When Dora later knew that Juan was the son of Mrs. Antonia Urdaneta, president of the company, and that he had returned from another country to occupy the vice presidency, she nearly wanted to die. One night Dora was doing a round through the different offices and discovered Juan working. In a casual manner, Juan invited her for a cup of coffee and asked her to accompany him for a couple of minutes. Being bored of the usual perfect women and from the day he met Dora, Juan fantasized a “popular adventure” and that fantasy was Dora, the security guard. There was something in Dora’s expression that made her the center of attraction, even for the most discrete high executives, including Alejandro Urdaneta, Juan’s brother, and oldest son of Antonia. Alejandro was Antonia’s right hand. A serious, responsible man dedicated to his work and his family. His wife’s premature death had lured him into a terrible depression, from which he could escape only by his obsessive tenacity in business and educating his three teenage daughters that consumed much of his time and caused him a lot of trouble. Dora will help Alejandro take care of his daughters and will continue to work in the Urdaneta’s family company half time. Juan, taking advantage of a bet with a friend, invited Dora to a cocktail and she accepted, being in love with him. That night they had an intense romance in which Dora resulted pregnant. Ana Maria, one of the high executives in the company and Juan’s long time girlfriend, found out about all of this and forced him to fire Dora and to set their wedding date. That Christmas, the happiest, yet saddest Dora ever had, Martin was born. The only thing she wanted was to work again at Antonia’s company and after a long time, she made her dream come true. When Juan saw Dora in her place again, she let him know that the past was behind her and that if he didn’t accept this she would sue him for sexual assault. Juan didn’t have any other choice than to accept this. To Dora’s surprise, one of the people who was most glad to see her back in the company was Alejandro who, always a gentleman and very polite, gave her a warm welcome. Antonia Urdaneta told her children she wanted a grandson who would carry the family’s last name. Juan, an ambitious man, made a simple calculation: If he could give a grandson to his mother, a larger part of the family fortune would be in his hands. Alejandro had too many problems already with his daughters to even consider such an absurd idea in those times of his life. The thing that everyone ignored was that such heir already existed and was the son of Dora, the security guard. Alejandro’s daughters received Dora with a mix of curiosity and distrust, but since that day they started to make war with her with a perverse persistence. With Ana Maria’s help, they succeed in bringing Patricia, eternally in love with Alejandro, to their family lives. Patricia had made a worthless effort to win him over for a long time. Alejandro didn’t calculate the danger this implied and let Patricia in his life. But he admired Dora more every day and he was grateful for the equilibrium she had put in his life and was willing to fight for her love. Antonia had objected to the possible relationship between Alejandro and Dora. It took some time for Alejandro to confront his family, accept his feelings and announce his plans to continue his relationship with Dora.



Felipe Salamanca
Felipe Salamanca
Juan Camilo Pinzón & Juan Carlos Vásquez
Enrique Luna
Catalina García
Carlos Agüera, Irene Salamanca & Alejandro Escallón
Guarnizo & Lizarralde
Nelly Bernal, César Ibagón & Catalina Espinal