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Digging for Love is a fun story for all the family. It narrates the life of two neighbor families: The Murcia and the Otero family, who have had the best relationship until one day they fight, and as destiny would have it, that same day something unexpected occurs: The Murcia family discovers a treasure in the garden of their house, a giant golden statue buried in the ground between both of their houses. From that moment on, a series of failed attempts to try to unearth it will make way for a countless number of entertaining and dramatic situations. What both families are unaware of, is that the original owner of the desired treasure is about to be released from jail and will come back to recover his fortune at any price.



  • as 
    Silvio Murcia
    He is a stubborn, dreamer and ambitious man who wants to earn everything in life with the least effort. He thinks that he cannot spend his whole life winning change and poor money, so he gets into business as his brother Josue proposes, always with dire consequences and putting in risk the family economy. He studied Masonry when he began his career. As time went by time, he climbed up and finally, thanks to a course sponsored by the company where he worked; he became the Head of Maintenance. With Ephraim they have known each other since he joined the company. He loves his children and, above all, he wants to get them along so it will cost him many sacrifices. Now that the little one begins to study Architecture, he has had to sell his "classic" car to pay for both careers. His wife is still attractive, and because of that, he sometimes is jealous in an unjustified way. He loves her deeply, however, he is not a man who feeds that long lasting love with details.
  • as 
    Judith Murcia
    She is overprotective, determined and greedy. She is an attractive woman to whom his mother taught him that life was solved by marrying a gringo, and much better if he is a millionaire . To live up to his dreamed suitors, he studied Bilingual assistance, until Silvio crossed on her way and she slowed her career. She changed professional success by love, proving that the heart can sometimes over than reason. She misses the good night kiss and all the affectionate gestures that make her fell in love with Silvio. During their twenty-two years of marriage, she has tried to pretend that she lives as the queen she always wanted to be, so she spends more than she earns on beauty catalog sales. She firmly rejects the romantic pretensions of his daughter with Manuel, claiming that he is too altruistic for her and that there is no point in insisting when love is not reciprocated. But in reality she is pretending to hide a painful secret of its past.
  • as 
    Jenny Murcia
    She is a beautiful middle-class college student, whom her family has always recalled that success is not in being, but in appearing. However, if Jenny hates something, are the lies and the falsehoods. Consider that one is whom she is and what is important is to strive to improve. This perfectionism, sometimes excessive, brings her problems because she became a maniac. She has always dreamed of becoming Manuel´s twin soul that is why he studies Chemistry. She works as a Receptionist in MH, to be independent and help to pay for her studies, besides, there she can relate to important people at a professional level. Her mother insists that in that company she could also meet a nice and silver executive, who is at her height. But she is still in love with Manuel, after the first and only kiss that was shared between them more than twelve years ago, when they were just children. She suffers when she gets to know that he has a girlfriend, although she does not lose hope that he will soon notice her. She does not understand why her mother is so strongly opposed to her feelings. But she knows that Manuel is the love of her life and is willing to fight against the wind and tide to have him.
  • as 
    Richard Murcia
    He is a shallow young man, a gold digger for appearing to have of a higher social level than he really is. He studies Architecture to please his parents, but his dreams are much higher than a skyscraper, because he wants to become a pilot someday. He hates immensely the raw and banal way with which Luz del Sol puts him. He feels that his contempt and bad manners are a defense mechanism to hide what she feels for him, although the truth is that the one who has always been in love is he. The expectation for the treasure brings to light all his aspirations of tycoon, conqueror and owner of his own plane.
  • as 
    Efrain Otero
    He is polite, measured and hardworking. He started law studies, because he dreamed of being an honest politician to help his region. Through his passage by the Academy, he learned to have a bombastic speech, own of the lucubration on the sense of the moral, the ethics and the justice. He loves his wife with the same intensity as the first day. Not a little slip that had more than twenty years ago with a friend has changed its feel. He expiated the blame for that infidelity with devotion to his family. But the consequences of this act of spite now call into question his whole moral code. He does not believe in luck and would not know what to do if he receives an unexpected one.
  • as 
    Nazly Otero
    Frustrated, loving and overprotective. She studied in a school where girls were educated to be society young ladies. His parents accepted Ephraim because he seemed to them a man with a future, until he was accused of embezzlement. Then the doors were closed for him. But the unconditional love that Nazly has always felt towards him, made her renounce her ancestry and accompany him in his exile to Bogota, where they married without the consent of his family. The treasure will be her chance to regain her quiet life and the good girl status.
  • as 
    Manuel Otero
    He is a chemistry graduate from a public university. With a scholarship, he majored in Immunology at Australia's most prestigious university. His academic merits made him receive the offer to work as an assistant in the creation of a vaccine to save humanity, under the orders of Dr. Bermejo, a world eminence in that field. He did not hesitate for a moment. But his mother insists that he better work in a company in which he can ascend, without taking unnecessary risks. He had a relationship for a couple of years with a girl that he loves, because she supports and understands his aspirations, although she sometimes tries to control every aspect of his life. For Manuel life is like a pipette where you mix various compounds that give meaning to existence and above all to love. And from those things of chemistry among humans, her heart begins to throb for another woman. That chain reaction can jeopardize your dreams as a scientist. But he is confident that finding the vaccine will give him great recognition and money to start his own research.
  • as 
    Luz del Sol Otero
    She is rebellious and a non-conforming person, reasons which has made her the family´s headache She does not want to lose 8 years of her life in the university, and then end to work for poor money as her brother does. Still lost in life, she is in ninth grade for the third time. Although she is beautiful, she is always so scruffy, that no one notices her charms, not even her. She hates that her mother tries to change her way of being and dressing. She has no hairs on his tongue and loosens truths like darts. She hates Richard Murcia because she considers him a braggart, who boasts of what he does not have. When he finds out that he is in love with her, he mocks her in the face. He thinks he's a looser, who does not deserve his charms. However, upon discovering an unexpected facet, she could temporarily give in upon temptation.


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