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Aguadas is a prosperous small town set high in the mountains of Colombia, and inhabited by honest working people. But at the same time, it is a town that has been deeply involved in tragedy since 20 years back, when Don Leonardo Conde killed Julio Sandoval. The dead man’s family is left in deep mourning, sadness and poverty. Their livelihood is the famous aguadeño hat, which they manufacture by hand at home. Concurrently, the Conde family has become richer and more powerful with each passing year, through the exploitation of their gold mine and their despotic ways and eccentric tastes, and throwing their weight around town. Today, on the 20th anniversary of Julian Sandoval’d death, these two families are condemned to repeating their tragic history through their children. On the one hand we have Pedro, the Conde’s eldest son, who returns to Aguadas to fulfil his father’s dream, which is to manage the gold mine and take the reins of the family business. And on the other, we have Paloma Sandoval, the best hat weaver in Aguadas and the prettiest young woman in the region. This pair of young people will not be able to escape neither the spell of love nor the horror of tragedy...