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“Crazy About You” is the story of Camilo and Juancho, two simple family young men, who share the dream to become famous musicians. On their way to success the meet Daniela, a high class woman who dreams to become a star and make a living from music. When the two young men fall in love with Daniela, their friendship will end. They will fight for her love regardless of the consequences. Two friends joined by music and separated by a woman’s love.



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    Is a young man with passion for music. He loves his family and friends and is willing to do anything for them, just as he will do for Daniela, the woman who steal his heart.
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    Is a liberated woman who pursues her ideals no matter the consequences. She will leave everything she has to make a living from music and she will meet two best friend that will fight for her heart.
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    Is Camilo´s best friend, until the day Daniela gets in their way. He will face Camilo, no only for her love, but in music.