The Challenge is a reality in which a number of participants should survive, live together, and compete in 4 different stages, for a big price in money. These contestants are grouped into three teams according to the theme chosen in each season. Social classes, generations, regions of the country and the degree of popularity are the elements used to give identity to these groups. Another one of the characteristics of the Challenge and which encloses the success of this format is that the conditions of life in this competition are not fair. While a group spends its day in the Riad, a construction 6 centuries of history converted into 5-star hotel boutique, with plenty of comforts, the other group suffers the absolute absence of comfort and food in the Gualu, which means nothing in Arabic, a territory where a tent in the desert will be the only thing. They will also have to work in the Medina, selling species to earn money to buy their food. In this reality, as in real life, the teams would be able to exceed or fall on their comfort levels, depending on the performance in the territorial Challenges.