90 episodes



“A Carnival Affair” is the story of Alejandro, a man from Colombia’s capital city who dislikes the city’s coastal people and their habits. Alejandro is in for a surprise, as his mother confesses that he was the result of a night of passion during Barranquilla’s Carnival. Upon learning this, Alejandro will begin a journey to find his real father, but little does he know that he will find true love when he meets Elizabeth, a woman that will change his life and transform it into a carnival. Alejandro will have to rediscover himself and follow his heart to find true happiness through his relationships between two totally opposite women.



  • as 
    Alejandro Mallarino
    He is an MD who never practiced his career and studied medicine to please his “father”. Now he administers an esoteric bookshop where he concentrates all his energies and follows Zen Buddhist gurus. There he gives Thai massages, meditates, and activates his chakras. He loves classic music, good restaurants, theatre, is a super Yogi, a spiritual, esoteric guy, in other words, the dandiest of dandies. He is about to engage to his all-life girlfriend, Maria Jose. He hates hot weather, mosquitoes, the wind, the beach, the popular folk music called vallenato. To him, everything connected to the Colombian Caribbean is cheap, vulgar, second rate. Something that will drastically change when in the middle or Barranquilla’s Carnival he understands that such barrier with the Caribbean was nothing but a resistance to make the coastal region guy sleeping inside him wake up.
  • as 
    Eli Abuarabará
    …Pure delight, recently cut mango, ripe loquat, ample skirt, shoulders and hips that obey nobody and swing to the carnival guacherna music. She is Ramon’s sister. He is her only family and she’d do for him whatever she’d had to. Liz is straight as a die, with sincere loves and very well set limits. She studies nursing at nights, because healing pains and alleviating grieves make her happy. And what she perfectly knows is to divide herself between obligations and party-going. Once the Barranquilla Carnival officially starts, the young woman runs to prepare costumes, rehearse choreographies and finalize the details of this celebration that buries king Joselito with the promise to resuscitate him next year with the binge. Likewise, Liz will take care to awaken the costeño hidden inside Alejo; she will bring him close to his essence, to everything he, before meeting her, used to swear he’d never try or live. Just like with Joselito, Liz practically resuscitates him.
  • as 
    Maria Jose Santamaria
    The cachaco’s attractive girlfriend. At first sight she is the perfect woman: elegant, intelligent, pretty, a professional business administrator specialized in the hospital area. Medicine means business to her. Being the only daughter of a wealthy couple makes her a “bit” fussy. She never stands to get a no for an answer, and never is ever. Besides, she’s a bit “obsessive”, to the point that as soon as she finds out that a girl from the coast is stealing the cachaco from her, and even knowing he doesn’t love her and never will be happy at her side, she will do the thinkable and even the unthinkable to keep him at her side.