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60 episodes



Every year hundreds of women fall in recruitment networks that smuggle people, being forced into a life of sexual slavery and labor. This is the story of Ana, Frida and Seleni, three beautiful young girls who are tricked with the promise of getting their dream life. Innocent and vulnerable with the strong conviction that despite the adverse conditions they live in they can have a better future; they will be tricked and used by people with no scruples who will take them deep into a network of prostitution which will later be impossible for them to escape from. They’ve never seen each other but they will become friends, forced into it when they meet at a point of no return and live the worse nightmare a woman can have: to be a victim of Human Trafficking. Without knowing it Ana, Frida and Seleni have acquired a debt that is impossible to pay and with death threats against their families, they’ll only have two paths to choose from: live as enslaved prostitutes or risk their lives in search for freedom. These three women and many more will be transferred to Spain, the final destination of the “human merchandise” of the band that traffics Colombians, where a strange world awaits for their services. In the middle of their struggle to escape from the abyss, Ana, Frida and Seleni will try to find in love the key to get out of the dreadful conditions and torture they’ve experienced and with them, audiences will walk through the path that will either make them stronger or end up destroying them. Broken Promises is a series that realistically and bluntly reveals the real drama of thousands of people living in the midst of a multimillion dollar business. It will show the whole world how these trafficking networks operate, the abuse of those who suffer and the drama of the family members who try at all costs to find and rescue them.



  • as 
    Ana Aguirre
    She´s 19 years old and has a son. She´s a Colombian small town girl who was born in Sesquilé, a quiet town of Cundinamarca. Ana is very beautiful, although very discrete in her way to dress. She is currently working at a flower plantation and lives with Olga (her mother) and Crisanto, her step father and the plantation´s taskmaster. Persuaded by Alirio and Mirta and desperate by her sudden unemployed condition and her son´s illness, she decides to go to Spain to look for Élber her boyfriend and father of Pedrito, where she´ll begin to live a hell as she becomes a new victim of a human trafficking band. Drugs will be the only way she´ll find to be able to endure what she´s going through. But this won´t make her lose her goal, so she decides to face her destiny with the only objective of escaping and finding her boyfriend. This is why she will risk everything and show all her courage, since she believes that losing hope means to die in life and she´s not willing to give up the fight. Coming back alive, is her only option.
  • as 
    Frida Aguilera
    She is a 20 years old Mexican from Oaxaca with delicate features and very proper of her race, which makes her even more beautiful. Although she doesn´t know it she´s the adopted daughter of Rosaura and Cuautemoc´s sister. She´s been married to Don Vicente for a year but she´s always dreamed with a real Prince Charming and she´ll feel like her dream is about to come true when she falls in love online with Juan Lucas, an understanding and loving man. But this man is only trying to trick her or better yet, recruit her in his prostitution network, changing her life forever. Frida will find out that she´s pregnant in the middle of her journey to Spain, but when she learns that the son she´s expecting is her husband´s and not Juan Lucas´s, she´ll fight against every obstacle to save the baby´s life and will do anything in her power to get this baby to his father´s arms, something that would bring some peace to her heart.
  • as 
    Seleni Aristizabal
    She´s 15 years old and although she has a boyfriend, Yeison, she´s still a virgin. She´s brash, talks a lot and dreams a lot. Although she´s outgoing she´s very naïve. Her beauty has never been unnoticed when she walks down any street in the city. She´s Indira´s and Roberto´s daughter and works at Manu´s beauty shop. Her dream of going to Spain will come true very soon, believing that she´ll finally find her mother and be able to help her grandparents with money. But little by little, her dream will become her worst nightmare and a life experience full of pain, anguish and deception, as her virginity may become the most precious treasure in this business. The only thing that may play in her favor, without even knowing it is that Indira, the brothel´s manager and the owner´s mistress is her mother.
  • as 
    Juan Lucas Esguerra
    He´s 35 years old, very handsome, smart, and his next trait yet: he has the gift of persuation. Although he´s the boss of the human trafficking band in Colombia, to the rest of the world he´s an electrical appliances wholesale business man. His objective is to recruit more women in a record time and start working with “Mexican merchandise”. This is why, for some time now he´s been seducing Frida. But he has a weak point: Valeria, his 16 year old daughter for whom he would be willing to kill a whole nation. Even though he truly loves his wife and his daughter his marriage is a lie and a perfect façade. That´s why he appears to be a working family man, but his ambition for money and power will reveal his true character: he has no scruples and has sent a lot of young women to Spain with no shame at all. Some are her own daughter´s age.
  • as 
    Don Vicente Arellano
    This 50 year old man Mexican is fat, good-natured, with strong features, very traditional and male chauvinist, but ironically, he´s also a romantic man who is very much in love with his wife, Frida. Although he always knew that his wife didn´t feel the same way for him, he was determined to earn her love, but things didn´t turn out the way he expected. When Frida left, Vicente discovered that she had been unfaithful for a long time, which caused him a lot of pain and health problems. But when he knew that his wife had been recruited as a personal vengeance against him, and that she´s expecting his baby, his dormant and hurt love is re-born and he uses all the means he has in order to rescue her.
  • as 
    This gorgeous 37 year old woman is Fermín´s mistress, the chief of the human trafficking band in Spain. Her real name is Luz Miriam, and she arrived eight years ago, recruited by the band in Colombia through Juan Lucas. With time, she became Fermín´s partner and her ideas and character turned her into an indispensable person in the business. However, she has never forgotten what happened to her. When the time comes, Indira will find out that Seleni is her daughter and will crumble emotionally, but at the same time, she will try to rescue her, which will make her face her death. Indira´s heart and past demand her to fight for her and the rest of the recruited girls, although it´s an almost impossible task, even more knowing that her daughter might never forgive her.
  • as 
    Roberto Aristizabal
    He´s 40 years old. He´s Seleni´s father and Indira´s husband. He´s a police man and for many years he´s been an example to follow in the institution. But now he doesn´t have the same will he used to have. Ever since he was abandoned by his wife he let desperation and alcohol take over his life. This made him indifferent and defeated in life which, without knowing it were the reasons why his daughter made the terrible decision to escape ending up in hell. Destroyed with guilt Roberto is suspended from the Police and falls deeply into his alcohol vice. But thanks to his boss, Lucía whom he´ll be falling in love with little by little, he understands that the only way to recover his daughter will be to get out of this abyss. This is why Roberto will be the key piece to dismantle the human trafficking organization. The most difficult thing for him, if Seleni ever comes back will be to earn her love and her respect again.
  • as 
    Lucia León
    She´s an 39 year beautiful and attractive woman. She´s wanted to become a police officer since she was a little girl because her father and her grandfather were distinguished police men. She´s an only daughter and although her father always wanted to have a son, she proved that she is stronger than a man. This is why she was always one of the best in the Police Academy, winning several awards and being excellent in precision shooting and combat. She has under her command an entire office, although she has to endure a lot of disappointment from these men. She´s somwhat introverted, shy and even mysterious when it comes to her personal life issues. But she´s very sensitive and this is why Roberto´s situation has deeply touched her, and she decides to professionally help him in the beginning. But as days go by she realizes that what she feels for that man goes a lot further. Lucía has done everything in her power to earn the biggest appreciation, but what she really wants is to win over Roberto´s heart. But it won´t be easy as Indira, Roberto´s wife, will be in his life again.


Ana Piñeres
Clara María Ochoa Domínguez
Klych López & Liliana Bocanegra
Diego Jiménez
Diego López
Carlos Agüera