60 episodes

Bolivar Demo


For the first time, "Bolívar, The Man, The Legend" will bring to the screen the history of the hero prior to becoming a legend, Simon’s history prior to Bolivar, the man beyond the figure.
Bolívar changed history with his dream of bringing peoples together to rid them from the Spanish Empire. His name became a synonym of bravery and passion and that’s how he started an army where not only soldiers but common people that always believed in his freedom ideals fought. The series will also tell Simon’s story inside and outside the battlefield, as well as details of his stormy romantic life from his mother’s death when he was a child, his first wife’s death a few months after they got married, his multiple lovers when he stopped to believe in love, and finally his passionate romance with Manuelita Sáenz, who became the main character of his revolutionary epic and the love of his life. This is the story of a brave man who gave his life for his people crossing frontiers and leaving an indelible legacy in the hearts of all those who believe in union, brotherhood and freedom.