THE BIRDERS | TRAILER - A Melodic Journey through Northern Colombia


This road trip documentary follows Diego Calderón Franco, a local birdwatching guide, and Keith Ladzinki, a National Geographic photographer, as they make their way across different regions of the country in a quest to capture the songs, colors and flutter of unique bird species. Starting at the Los Flamencos Fauna and Flora Sanctuary in La Guajira, passing through the El Dorado Natural Bird Reserve and the Tayrona Park in Santa Marta, and finally reaching the El Chamicero bird reserve in the Perijá mountains, discover the mystical cultural link between communities, music and birds.
The documentary depicts bird species never before caught on camera for such a project. Its score also features original music inspired by iconic birdsong. "Mucho indio" by Teto Ocampo, translates one of Colombia's most ancestral melodies—the hummingbird's song—to a modern format. Teto Ocampo composed this melody using a rare charu flute, a traditional instrument only a handful of people in the entire world know how to play. Another song, an electro theme by Dani Boom, musicalises manakins' mating ritual. Male White-Bearded manakins let out an impressive "lek" call to court females. It's a crazy dance during which various males jump from side to side while making a loud, electric-like snap. In order to record this courtship ritual and the tiny birds' sound, the creative production team had to wait various days at the Tayrona National Natural Park. The final tune reflects these days of waiting leading up to the sudden explosion of sound and energy created when the birds started to jump and rhythmically flap their wings.