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Based on the real-life story of Luis Eduardo Diaz, a controversial bootblack, who went from having nothing to having it all, after winning the elections for an important political position in his city, giving his big steps. Next to Lucho, always, there is Gloria, the love of his life and his unconditional support. Along with their daughters, Marcela and Lady, this family will put love above everything. The viewers will discover in each episode the story of “Lucho”, who went from living in extreme poverty to becoming a national celebrity and discovering wealth, as well as the corrupt political world.



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    This is the controversial life of “Lucho,” who went from living in poverty to become a national celebrity overnight, and will learn about the wealth and corruption surrounding the political world.
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    Alongside Lucho is Gloria, the love of his life, and his main ally through thick and thin. Her law in life has been to maintain and watch over the unity of her home, even at the cost of her own pains and frustrations.