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This is the story of Monchi Maestre, a humble boy with big dreams of becoming a succesful singer of vallenato genre. He has a charming personality and a tenacious drive to achieve whatever his mind desires. He will not only conquer his dreams, but also Diana Lacouture’s heart, who is his dream girl that steals his heart at first sight. He idealizes Diana in a deep platonic love, nurturing hopes and through naive smiles he feels that she is accepting his love declarations and committment certainties. These signals will unite them in confused feelings, but, Monchi will not give up until his “Pretty” muse and source of inspiration opens her heart to him.



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    Monchi Maestre
    This 18-20 year-old adolescent’s given name is Ramón Segundo Maestre Urbina. His most distinguished qualities are his passion for art and his creativity, which is intuitive and sensitive. He is an eternal dreamer that presents his dreams like realties and then can’t differentiate between fantasy and reality, but ends up getting what he wants. He has Diana Beautiful idealized in a profound platonic love that feeds off illusions and naïve smiles, but she only sees him as a friend. He is a religious man that professes a special devotion for the Virgin of Carmen; because of her and his friends Piyayo and Elias, he forms his first musical group called “Trinomio”.
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    Diana Lacoture
    Just 15 years old, she is the town princess that captivates Monchi, who calls her Beautiful. This nickname is not only due to her physical beauty, but because of her white and pure heart that make her a friend and protector of the poor. She is the live image of innocence and incarnates sweetness. She is generous, humble, excessively romantic and faithful. She always gets what she wants; if she puts her mind to it there is nothing she can’t accomplish, this is why her relationship with Monchi will be such a challenge against her family.
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    She is the possible love in Monchi’s life. She is a grounded woman that works day and night and studies by distance learning to shape her future, which she is only beginning to seek, at 20 years of age.