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Analía is a beautiful young woman who decides to take revenge against her mother's murderer, the candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Guillermo León Mejía. 
She will become the candidate's most important political advisor and right hand; she will place him in the first place in the polls, and then tear him down by bringing to light his corrupt past. She will make him lose the presidency and even freedom. However, she does not know that  the man she hates so much is her own father.   




  • as 
    Analia Guerrero
    One of the most important political strategists in Latin America. Brave, fearless and calculator. She saw her mother Darelis die, run over by the now presidential candidate Guillermo León Mejía. Analía wants revenge on the politician, becoming the strategist behind his political campaign. She will not rest until she finishes Mejía, not knowing that the man not only raped her mother, but also is her biological father.
  • as 
    Guillermo Leon
    Presidential candidate, former councilor, former senator, husband and traditional father. He is cold, calculating and unscrupulous, has never shaken his hand to remove those who oppose him from the path. For 26 years, since he murdered Darelis, the woman who threatened to report him for rape, running the barrier of his moral boundaries.
  • as 
    Pablo de la Torre
    Member of one of the most powerful families in the country. In spite of his last name, Pablo has preferred to make himself free and make his way by his own hard work. With firm and iron ideals, Paul hates injustice and seeks in every possible way to help others. Mejia's political life opponent, who despite being from his own family has never been completely reliable, specially because he mistreated Analia , his great love.