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Juanita Román is a singer who sings on buses and, is or is not, lucky to meet Alejandro Castillo, a seemly happy financier, widow, with two sons and a stunning girlfriend, Tatiana. But when Alejandro meets Juanita he is astonished with her talent and bravery, he is determined to make her become a star. In order to achieve his goal Alejandro takes her to live with him in his house. There, Juanita is the object of terrible mockery by his family and by Tatiana, she passes difficult tests while she studies music, glamour, fashion, show biz, and all the things that Alejandro considers appropriated for her career.In the process they fall in love hopelessly. But that love is hard in the middle of the war and the tricks of Alejandro's snob family. Tatiana is extremely angry and jealous and sets up her final trap: she manages to separate them. Juanita triumphs as a singer, but her personal life is devastated and she falls in the arms of Diego Colmenares, a man with no qualms that ends up forcing her to marry him and who exploits her with no mercy. This is the beginning of Juanita's story; the singer that finds love through music and loses it after she reaches success.



  • as 
    Juanita Román
    With a wonderful voice and a hidden talent, Juanita, is a Singer that sings on the public transportation, who is not afraid of anything or anyone. She is shrewd and determined; every day she excuses with the audience on the buses for bothering them and then she starts singing her ballads at full blast. She is of humble origin and her mother is a selfish woman that forced her to work when she was 9 years old. All her energy is focused on her brother Sandro; she adores him and she is going to pay for his university studies, even if that is the last thing she does in her life. She is a hard worker and a warrior; she won’t hesitate fighting against many people in order to make her dreams come true: to become a famous singer.
  • as 
    Soledad Castillo
    Her lack of self esteem makes her an insecure woman who believes that without her husband she would be anyone or anything. She has never gotten along with her older sister, Elvira, but that feeling is mutual; Elvira sees her sister like a poor, submissive, ambitious and weak woman. She feels a fraternal love for her brother, Alejandro, which is kind of neutral, until he gets involved with the Singer, and Soledad becomes a strong opponent and she criticizes that relationship. Her frustration for not having been a mother and Fernando’s undeniable infidelity, will lead her to fall into Diego’s arms; an unscrupulous man.
  • as 
    Tatiana Ivanova
    She has a distinguished look and a Nordic unequaled beauty and she is the most evil person. Her evil leanings are totally hedonist; she demands permanent gratification regarding her likes, going over anyone that stands in her way. She squanders false kindness when she wants to do it and she is an implacable enemy, persevering and fatal. Only her father loves her unconditionally, while Alejandro feels very comfortable with the version that Tatiana has built up of herself, for him. She is engaged with him only because of his money, and she uses Fernando as her lover and accomplice for her misdeeds. Which will be the next one? Destroying Juanita.
  • as 
    She lost her virginity sleeping with one guy after the other. Her work as a waitress won’t be enough and since she is very good in bed, soon later she will become the singer of Diego’s band. She looks down on him but she enjoys having sex with him. She is woman who knows that for now, she is right where she is supposed to be, working at that bar, and she also knows that although she doesn’t have a good voice, she compensates it by being a hot woman in bed. She is cold and heartless and she will do everything she can to ruin Juanita’s life and to stay as the leading vocalist of the band. But her plans will fail when she falls in love with Rodrigo, a ruthless man.
  • as 
    Diego Colmenares
    Diego was always about to be an important musician, but he was always mediocre. He is an opportunistic and lazy man who knows that his life has been a failure. Although he is a real worm, he manages to hide it very well from women; he easily seduces and manipulates them through his appearance of a musician. Of course, he will always try to seduce Juanita and to take advantage of her and in order to do this, he will join forces with Tatiana and she will just use him as if he were just pawn of the game. Diego is a parasite, without any doubt; he is a vampire that sees in Juanita a golden mine and he will try to suck all her blood.
  • as 
    Vladimir Ivanov
    Of noble origins, he survived the wars and purges of his extinct country. His wife died in a strange situation that involved the KGB. He ran away to Paris with his daughter, Tatiana when she was born. He loves his daughter so much that he loses the sense of reality when it comes to her. He has a strict notion of duty, honor and gentlemanliness. He is very classy and gallant and he is irresistible for all the women that meet him. In fact, he won’t go unnoticed for Magali and for Elvira; each one of these women will want him, in their own way, but they both will do whatever they can to win his heart.
  • as 
    Carolina Castillo
    Carolina doesn’t love anyone more than she loves herself. Her formula for life has been the easiest one: ask whatever you want and enjoy everything. She believes the world goes around her and for her, it is normal to go shopping to Miami, for a weekend. She is used to the fact that with money you can get whatever you want and her freedom is compromised when she gets pregnant with Gustavo’s child. When the child is born, she feels trapped in a marriage with a useless and unknown man and with a child that scares her as much as he moves her. She gets even with her husband who ends up overwhelmed, miserable, feeling like crap and on the verge of infidelity.
  • as 
    Alejandro Castillo
    He is a man that made himself what he is; he is demanding, disciplined and a little inflexible. He believes that dedication and hard work help you get anything you want. He has an unbreakable moral and therefore he hates all kinds of irregularities. When he turns 44 years old, Alejandro feels that life has very little to offer him. Professionally, he has achieved everything, but his family life is a failure that doesn’t seem to change, and love is an illusion that died along with his wife. He has convinced himself that his relationship with Tatiana is the most convenient one for someone like him, but when he meets a young woman, Juanita, his life will change drastically.