All About Me Demo


Every week TV viewers will know the real story of celebrities at Se Dice de Mí, a program that will address the life and trajectory of most representative characters in Latin-America. Singers, sports men and women, TV hosts and actors will tell their truth about positive and negative aspects of their life. For the first time, they will reveal their most intimate secrets and will face themselves to good and bad existing comments about their lives. “When people are famous, myths and fantasy worlds are created around them. Se Dice de Mí will try to show the real story of the artists”, said Diva Jessurum, the Program Director. After a thorough investigation, the celebrities’ most intimate side, triumphs, failures, love & hate will be known. The stories will be narrated from the artist’s most intimate setting like home or worksite, with his/her own voice and through testimonies from friends, family members and relatives. Very soon, the celebrities will face their life at All About Me.