72 episodes



The story will tell the life of Gertrudis and Armida, two young sisters with completely different personalities who learn to support each other after becoming orphans and being taken under the care of their aunt Luzmila, who denies them any kind of love. Between their innocence and their audacity, the two young women plan to escape, but everything goes wrong, they end up separated and thinking that the other one has died. It will take two decades for these two sisters to reunite.




  • as 
    Gertrudis Lopez
    Shy, reserved, and a sacrificed housewife and mother. She did not complete High School and although she is a pretty woman, she doesn´t take advantage of that. His best friend is Pepin, a good Priest who knows all her secrets. This woman who seems to enjoy the silence and a certain "exile" from the world, she is only complying with a self- imposed sentence after committing a sin that is always chasing her: making her husband Felicito believe that he is the father of her eldest son, Tiburcio.
  • as 
    Felicito Yaneque
    Felicito is a principle man who is not flexible at all when negotiating values and moral, discrete, prudent and prideful who learnt the most important lesson from his father: you´re not less than anyone and no one has the right to walk step on you. He is honest and hard- working, and always dreamed about having a better life. He began at a young age to work as a driver of an inter-municipal transportation company. He saved everything he earned, never bought anything unnecessary and ate only twice a day, when he managed to save a significant amount of money he bought his first truck and started driving it by him self, he continued spending in the same way in which he spent as if he was an employee and not his own boss and step by step and thanks to Gertrudis help, who never demanded a thing, he built a 11 buses fleet with some of the most important routes in the city. Although work is the life for him and according to his believes it is also the main dignity´s source, his family is always his priority especially his two children who are worship by him: Tiburcio and Miguel. Although he would be unable to confess it to Father Pepín, he has a favorite: Tiburcio. Maybe it is because he was the first, he would not be able to explain it, but he feels that Tibu is smarter, entrepreneur and as stubborn as he is. In order to disguise this "extra love" he has for his eldest son, he unconsciously demands more from him, he scolds twice as much and accepts less than a third of his proposals on the transportation company. Still, it is his right hand, the administrative manager of Narihuala and his eternal company.
  • as 
    Armida López
    She is extroverted, cheerful, and impulsive. She's fearless and sexy, and always gets from men all that she wants. She has a slim body, because she loves dancing. Since she had to run away at the age of 13 after a fire that separated her from her sister she arrived to Bogotá looking for a better future. She made a life after doing everything: she was a fruit seller, waitress, thief, hairdresser and even stripper. Ten years ago she got a job as a maid in the elegant Herrera house. There she became Clotilde´s right hand, and she became her housekeeper, when Clotilde died she made Armida promise her that she would take care of her husband and children.
  • as 
    Ismael Herrera
    Owner and Master of the insurance company GRANSEGUROS. He is a High executive who is also very intelligent. He knows what is success. He is charming, elegant and very smart. He has a dark humor that many confuse with cruelty but he´s only a man who has no problem in telling the truth. He believes in reason and has the premise that " those who ask for advice is always wrong." She was a model husband for his beloved Clotilde, but after losing her, he also lost the little idealism that remind in his life. He is a Bad looser. Now, he does not believe in anyone or anything . He has been the eternal winner except when educating his two children, Magdalena and Escobita who are his only stains in life the first one never found a place in the world for him, neither a job, nor a study or a husband and the second, is an ace for business… but illegal ones. Without Clotilde Ismael has not doubted to call them to order, he wants to teach them a lesson, teach them to grow or at least he wants at least to make a point while he can he will leave nothing for them to squander.