106 episodes



Harvey Slater is an amusing and eccentric millionaire who, some months after being born in Colombia, was adopted by an American couple of the oil business. Today, after 38 years, he gets to know the truth and decides to return to his country with the only aim of meeting his real family. Soledad Espinosa is a beautiful, coquettish and cunning swindler, who, no sooner does she hear about the American's plans, decides to do the greatest job in her life to be able to retire forever, since by fleecing the Yankee of his immense fortune, she would have enough to support herself the way she has always dreamt of, in this life and in five more lives. In order to put her plans into action, the first thing Soledad does, helped by her boyfriend Cristobal, is to hire a group of people who will become, overnight, that family Harvey was forced to abandon early in his life. In this way, a weird and peculiar family group will be formed. Mom and three siblings, among them the selfsame Soledad, accompanied by their spouses and offspring, will be in charge of staging a farce for the “Mister”. But none of them is in the knowledge of the true reasons that prompt Soledad. They will be fooled into believing that all that set-up has been carefully orchestrated by the American's adoptive parents, who have supposedly paid a great sum of money to make their son's dream come true. For the sake of ensuring the success of her plan - and also to prevent all of them from telling the truth to the Yankee, which would make her plan fall by the wayside - Soledad has endeavored to choose people that have a feature in common: unemployment in its multiple facets, which hung like a sword of Damocles over their heads. If the plan happened to fail, each and every one of them would be out in the street again, drowning in their own debts. Each member of the Espinosa Trujillo's, the last name of the new family, will have to play a special role in the presence of the American, a role that will get them into innumerable misunderstanding with their own families. Their objective is achieved at the beginning, but not everything will be rose-tinted. When Harvey believes that he has found his real family, he discovers that he has fallen madly in love with Soledad, his supposed younger sister. In turn, the beautiful swindler doesn't find the oilman any indifferent at all. For this reason, her plan will be constantly at risk, since she is torn between what she thinks she must do to make her dream come true: become a millionaire, and what her heart really feels, well aware that, what Harvey hates the most is lie and cheating. An original story of love and ambition, dreams and frustration, where the limit between truth and lie will be the main accomplice.