The White Slave premiered in Vietnam

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The White Slave, produced by Caracol Television and distributed by Caracol Internacional continues its journey through different regions of the planet. On this occasion the successful series premiered last June 9th in Vietnam, via the signal of Channel 9 VTV9 with a frequency from Monday till Friday at 1p.m.
This production narrates the story of Victoria, a woman who everyone knows as a marchese who arrived in America to marry a prosperous merchant from the region, however, the truth is that years back she was rescued from death and raised in secret by slaves who became her family, but she was taken from the hands of her loved ones to be sent to Spain, because according to society, a white woman could not live with slaves. 
With the passing of time, she will decide to defy whoever gets in her path in order to rescue her loved ones, confront her biological parent´s murderer and reunite with the man she would give her life for.
Starring Spanish actress Nerea Camacho, winner of the Goya award, Cuban actor Orian Suarez, Miguel de Miguel from Spain, Venezuelan actor Luciano D’Alessandro, Panamanian actress Miroslava del Carmen and Puerto Rican actor Modesto Lacen, along with a first class Colombian cast.
This production has been sold in more than 28 countries and in the following days it’s expected to premiere in more countries around the world.