The White Slave Premiered in Moldavia

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The successful series The White Slave (62x1h Series), arrives to Moldavia´s television on September 26th, via Canal National 4 at 9:00p.m.
The White Slave is a period drama series which takes place between 1821 and 1843. It is a shocking story of love and slavery in the Spanish colonies installed in the Colombian Caribbean and has as main character Victoria, a woman who everyone knows as a Marchese who came to America to marry a prosperous merchant from the region. But the truth is a different story, because years back she was rescued from death and raised in secret by a group of slaves who became her family, only to years later be taken from the hands of her loved ones to be sent to Spain, because according to society a white woman could no live with slaves. With time, she decides to confront anyone who steps on her path to rescue her loved ones, face her biological parent´s murderer and reunite with the man who she would give her life for.