‘The White Line´ arrives in Vietnam’s television

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The White Line, a coproduction between Caracol Television with Cadena Tres from Mexico and distributed by Caracol International, has arrived on Vietnam television since the first of October, via the signal of channel VTV8, airing every day at 7:55 p.m.
This super production has high dosages of drama, action, suspense and love. 
Through four incredible stories, intertwined with four different characters that intervene during each phase of the complex route of cocaine trafficking (from its elaboration, distribution, commercialization and finally, once its reached the consumer), this series reveals the true realities faced by those that through different circumstances of life end up on this path with no way out. Four optics, four phases, one road… how far will it go? 
The White Line is a mega production of Colombia’s Caracol Televisión and Cadenatres from México. Filmed in some of the most incredible locations in Miami, México City, Bogotá and the Colombian rain forest region, four directors will be on location in each country filming all four units simultaneously.
This series shows a more universal vision of what the scourge that is drug trafficking and in terms of images, it will provide Vietnam audiences with a great variety of locations and landscapes because it was shot in Miami, Mexico City, Bogota and in the Colombian jungle. 
The cast from The White Line is formed by renown actors and actresses like Zharick Leon, Carla Giraldo, Juan Pablo Gamboa, Juliana Galvis, Luis Fernando Salas, Andres Toro, Frank Ramirez, and Lucho Velazco, among others.