The successful format The Challenge comes to Greece

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Caracol Internacional, Antenna 1 and Eccholine announce the arrival of Caracol original format “The Challenge” in Greece through the signal of Antenna 1 that will be premiered under the name “Nomads” on Monday October 2nd at 21:00. “The Challenge” is an adventure and survival reality that will be fifteen year in 2018, being the prime time hallmark reality in Colombia. This format has been successfully adapted in other countries with Mexico standing among them, where TV Azteca is broadcasting the 6th season. 
“The Challenge” is a reality that combines the contestants’ skills, survival instinct and strategy for coexisting with other contestants. This version will bring to the extreme the cultural immersion of participants in Palawan in the Philippines, who must adapt to the local culture. 
In “Nomads” (60x1h), eighteen contestants will live an unprecedented adventure in an exotic and hostile destination. They will be divided into three teams and will fight for three territories: a luxury villa, a fishing village and a deserted beach. Only those able to survive the competitions will get privileges and elude elimination. Every week the competition increases as teams and participants are eliminated. Only the best will get to the end and compete for a millionaire prize.  
Lisette Osorio, Vice-President of Caracol Television said: “We feel very happy to announce the next premiere of The Challenge in Greece. This reality has consolidated itself as the Colombian television number one format, gathering the entire family for over fourteen seasons in prime time. We trust that hand in hand with Eccholine and Antenna 1 we will attain the same success and will bring this great format to a new level”