Serbia and Montenegro premieres the adaptation of Newly Rich Newly Poor

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Newly Rich, Newly Poor," Caracol Television's successful production has been adapted for Serbia and Montenegro and premiered yesterday with the title "Igra Sudbine" on the 1 PRVA television network.
Brayan and Andrés are two youths with polar opposite lives, one is rich, and the other is poor. They will see how life turns upside down on them when a nurse on her deathbed decides to confess to Antonia (a high-society woman) that she made a mistake when she attended her son's birth because she changed her baby. With that news, Brayan, the son of Antonia, who was raised in a humble home and is known for being lazy, will have to take on the role that had been in the hands of Andrés, who has always been surrounded by the opulence given to him by his family and the power he acquired when he took over the reins of the firm Mundoexpress. The fact that Brayan becomes rich overnight and Andrés has to go and live in a house lacking luxuries, nor creature comforts, will let loose amusing situations and, at the same time, a storm of changes within the two families. 
Jesús Iriepar, Caracol Television's Sales Executive in Europe and the Middle East commented on this adaptation: "Newly Rich, Newly Poor" has premiered to great success in Latin America, and numerous countries in the Middle East and Europe. "IGRA SUDBINE" confirms Caracol Television's standout formats in the international market, and this new adaptation of a proprietary format bolsters the success of other versions produced."