River of Passions made its debute on salvadorian television

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Love, hope, suspense and the revenge of River of Passions, a novela produced by Caracol Television and distributed by Caracol Internacional, debuted on Salvadorian television this past January 25th on channel 2 TCS, with a frequency of Monday through Friday at 7:00 pm.
This production is filled with mixed feelings lived with intensity in every episode by a love triangle between Lina, Felipe and Cristian which unravel innumerable dramatic twists night after night. 
Felipe Guerrero, a young cattle ranch foreman, discovers his only true love in the eyes of the beautiful Lina Maria Henao. Conscientious of the economic differences that exist between him and his beloved, decides to accept a friend’s proposition that consists of capturing a drug lord in order to receive a reward for his arrest. But Felipe will have to move to the capital and separate from his beloved leaving her behind, but what will happen to Lina during his absent? Cristian, his friend, will have no problem keeping her company until he gets back.
In the story, the man who puts it all on the line for love, will be betrayed by the two people he loves the most. He will make the decision to get revenge from a friend that he considers like his own brother and from the woman he once loved with all his heart and soul.
River of Passions has great values of production since it was recorded in Bogota and in the beautiful location of Monteria, in which a political and cattle ranching environment takes place and where the audience will see hacienda film sites, savanna surroundings, swamps, beaches, rivers and oceans.
The main cast is made up of Natalia Jerez, the Cuban actors Carlos Enrique Almirante and Mario Espitia; accompanied by Diana Hoyos, Jorge Cao, Jaqueline Arenal, Abel Rodriguez, Luis Eduardo Motoa, Miriam de Lourdes, Jorge Enrique Abello, and Fernando Solorzano among others.