"One Way Out" arrives in Costa Rica

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Caracol Television's controversial series "One Way Out", written by Gustavo Bolívar (Without Breasts There Is No Paradise), premiered last night in Caracol Television through Repretel's Channel 6 signal.
During its broadcast in Caracol Television, "One Way Out" was the series with the highest viewership in its time slot, with an average 40.2% share and an 11-point rating, beating the 4 competing productions in its time slot during that period. 
Starring Colombian actor José Julian Gaviria ("The White Slave") and Venezuelan Rosmeri Marval ("Bolivar"), this is a story based on actual events, about what was for many years the most dangerous neighborhood in the Americas, where the police had no control. Juliana and Andrés, two youths who fall into this hellish neighborhood, will struggle to get out any way they can, putting their lives at risk. Both of them, together with other people who have seen their lives dragged through that place by drug consumption, will fight to find the strength necessary to survive. Love will be their only way out.
"One Way Out" is a Fox Telecolombia production for Caracol Television, shot on digital 4K, with film optices, 100% in exteriors. With sets built on a 3700m2, area, the series includes the participation of over 50 actors and 200 extras on set.