Laura, An extraordinary Life, premiered in Africa dubbed in english

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The English dubbed version of ambitious series Laura, An Extraordinary Life (25x1h) distributed by Caracol Internacional, aired on Monday, January 11th, in African territory through the Star Novela E1 channel. The series will delight audiences Mondays through Fridays at 6:40 pm.


This African television channel which has already aired other Caracol Television productions such as Emeralds, The Voice of Freedom and Made in Cartagena, adds another successful title that tells the story of Laura Montoya, a very special woman with strong convictions who defied the rules of the society of her time to spend her life helping the most vulnerable people without expecting anything in return.


When she was 33 years old, she heard about a group of indigenous people who didn´t know God; she was obsessed with helping them and letting them know that if humanity had abandoned them, the Lord never did. Harassed by one wing of the Catholic Church that considered her disobedient, rebellions and problematic, she decided to visit the Pope in Rome, in 1930, to achieve recognition for her religious community. She died without such recognition but she was chosen by the Vatican as a Saint.   


Filmed in 4k with film optical effects and 100% in non-studio locations, Laura, An Extraordinary Life (25x1h) stars Julieth Restrepo, who plays the first stage of Laura Montoya. The series also stars Linda Lucia Callejas, who will play this amazing woman at her adult age.