Laura, an Extraordinary Life debuts in Puerto Rico

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Laura, an extraordinary life, (25x1h) the ambitious super production distributed by Caracol TV International, premiered in Puerto Rico´s TV on Tuesday, August 25 via Wapa TV, with a frequency of Monday through Friday at 1:00 p.m.
With this premiere, Puerto Ricans will get to know the life of Laura Montoya, a unique woman who defied the strong convictions of the society of her time in order to dedicate herself to help those less fortunate than her without expecting anything in return. 
When she was 33 years old, she learned that some Indians had been abandoned by society and from that moment on it became her obsession to help them and make them understand that if humankind had forgotten them, God had not. It was a titanic industry in a period of time where women did not have a say, nor were they missionaries. On her path, she made miracles, cured the ill and drove several Presidents of the Republic crazy, asking them to defend the less fortunate. Besieged by one of the church's branch, which considered her to be haughty, disobedient and problematic, in the year 1930 she decided to go to Rome and approach the Pope seeking for recognition for her community, but she died without achieving it.  
Shot in 4k with cinematographic optics and 100% in real locations Laura, An Extraordinary Life (25x1h) has Julieth Restrepo as protagonist, she plays a young Laura Montoya. While actress Linda Lucia Callejas is responsible for portraying this woman at an adult age.