Grand Finale of One Way Out in Colombia

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"One Way Out", the Caracol Television series, ended last May 27, getting excellent viewer results in Colombia. In its last chapter, it garnered a 40.2% share and 11% rating in the prime-time slot, beating its time slot competitor, who had a 17.6% share and 4.8 rating.
This series, which had the highest viewership during its broadcast, reached an average 40.2% share and an 11-point rating, beating the 4 competing productions in its time slot during that period. 
This story portrays the real life events of what was the most dangerous neighborhood in America for many years, where not even the police had any control. Juliana and Andres, a young couple who end up in this infernal neighborhood, will try to leave the place by all means, putting their lives at risk. Along with other people who have been dragged to this place because of drug use, they must find the necessary strength to survive. Love will be their only way out.
"One Way Out" is a production of Fox Telecolombia for Caracol Television, shot in 4k, digital cinematography, 100% outdoors, with sets built on an area of almost 40,000ft2  (3,700m2), with more than 50 actors and 200 extras on stage.