Emeralds Premiered in Russia

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The super production Emeralds, The Color of Ambition (62x1h Series), which has already reached territories like Malasia and Africa, where it has aired dubbed in English, and will now premiere Russia via the signal of Tochka TV, from Monday to Friday., starting February 13th. In this saga, representing the decades of the 1950, 1970 and 1990, the story of a family which changes its urban life in the capital for an emerald town is narrated, without knowing the destiny that awaits all of the family members.
Throughout this series, there will be love stories, framed in the war that affects the region due to the exploitation of this precious gem. Emeralds, the Color of Ambition has a large cast formed by actors with a high standing, like Nicolas Montero, Diego Vasquez, Luis Fernando Montoya, Nicole Santamaria, Kristina Lilley, and Jairo Camargo, among others.