Caracol started shooting the new super series "Los Briceño"

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Caracol Television started shooting “Los Briceño”, the new super-series that will make part of Caracol Internacional’s 2019 portfolio. “Los Briceño” is produced by Juan Carlos Villamizar (“The Mafia Dolls 2” and “The Good Bandit”).
This is the story of Cecilia, better known as “La Chiqui”, the youngest member of a family of truck drivers. Within this truck universe, where macho men, popular music and love stories prevail, La Chiqui gets pregnant. The attractive young woman is trying to make her way in this environment dominated by machismo and discrimination, so she decides not to reveal her baby’s father name. Don Antonio, the family’s patriarch, feels offended for her decision and asks her to leave his home, sending her away to face a world where nobody believes in her because she is a woman. La Chiqui manages to succeed thanks to her hard work, earning the respect of everyone in the business. 
Lisette Osorio, Caracol Television’s Vice President of International Sales, said: “Caracol Television continues projecting itself in the international market with premium contents. This time, we are proud to present the super-series Los Briceño, a story that introduces a female character that, within a men-dominated world, will get everyone’s respect with her personality and clout. This production has the Caracol Television quality seal.”
Dago Garcia, Vice President of Production and Contents of Caracol Television, stated: “Los Briceños is a prototype of Caracol Television’s products, full of humor, love and adventure in a context where the series´ main female character, manages to become empowered and break patterns through determination and skill. This story will be supported by high production values”. 
Filmed in 4k and with movie optics, "Los Briceños" cast is headed by Katherine Escobar Farfán (“Big Steps”), Juan Manuel Restrepo (“The Queen of Flow”), Mario Espitia (“River of Passions”), Cesar Mora (“Crazy About You” and “Escobar, the Drug Lord”), Carmenza Gonzalez (“The Secretary”), José Daniel Cristancho (“Night School” and “Against our Destiny”), Maria Laura Quintero (“Dynasty”) and Toto Vega (“Bolivar”), and directed by renowned Luis Orjuela (“The Mafia Dolls 2”) and Carlos Mario Urrea (“Made in Cartagena”).