Caracol started shooting The Bronx

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On Monday, June 5th, Caracol Television started shooting its new super series The Bronx (60x1h), which is being produced by Fox Telecolombia for Caracol Television and distributed by Caracol Internacional. The series was written by Gustavo Bolivar, who also wrote Without Breasts there is No Paradise, and directed by renowned director Sergio Osorio.
The Bronx is based on real facts of what, for many years, used to be the most dangerous neighborhood in Latin America, the largest drug dealing center in the continent, where the police had zero control. Shot in 4k with movie optics, The Bronx was filmed one hundred percent on location, built on an area of more than 3600 m2 with more than fifty actors and two hundred extras.
Colombian actor Jose Julian Gaviria (The White Slave) and Venezuelan actress Rosemary Marval (Separated by Love) will play the role of two youngsters that meet in this hell from where they will try to escape putting their own lives at risk. The cast will be complemented by well-known actors Ramiro Meneses (The Black Widow, Without Breasts there is No Paradise), Rodrigo Candamil (Men Also Cry), and Natasha Klauss (Surviving Escobar, Alias JJ, The White Slave), among others. With The Bronx, the audience will know in detail the reality of a neighborhood where all types of crimes and excesses are committed because of the scourge of illicit drugs.
This is a story of crossed lives and parallel stories where failures, deceit and despair come together for all these people who have something in common: living in hell because of drug use, to the point that their addiction will lead them to the dangerous neighborhood known as “The Bronx”. However, in the midst of this harsh reality lived in many Latin-American countries and throughout the world, the series shows through its characters that in the middle of this hell there can also be room for love, faith and close friendship ties.
Lisette Osorio, Caracol Internacional’s Sales Vice-President, said: “We are convinced that this new super-series will impact the international audience because of the story’s realism, and will become a new landmark for our catalog. This will allow us to uphold our leadership worldwide, where we are known because of our innovative and striking series with captivating scripts and the highest production standards”.