Caracol Internacional's succesful portfolio arrives to ATF

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Caracol Television´s most successful productions arrive at the 25th edition of the Asia T.V. Forum (ATF) to seduce one more time the Asian market and all the visitors to this important fair which will take place on December 2nd to 4th in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
Caracol Internacional executives will be in Booth B27 exhibiting its nourished catalogue filled by stories bursting with love, action, drama and suspense. Some titles that will be highlighted are “Laura, An Extraordinary Life”, “Emeralds, the Color of Ambition”, “The First lady”, “The Voice of Freedom, Helenita Vargas”, “The Sweetest Love”, “Fugitives” and “Shocking Clips” among others.
Laura, An Extraordinary Life (25x1h Series)
A super production which recreates the story of Laura Montoya, a woman who challenged the rules of the society of her time to fight for those less fortunate ones and renounce the idea of being a mother and a wife to form part of a mission on the service of God. 
Emeralds, The  Color of Ambition (62x1h Series)
This is the story of three generations of a family who arrive to a town which could be defined as a green hell, ruled by the law of the strongest, fed by the greed that emeralds awakes. In the middle of this war, Alejandro will have to face off against Patricio Ortega, the big boss of the region, and will have to wage the toughest personal war when he has to see his children take paths different to their principles. 
The First Lady (95x1h Telenovela)
The story revolves around an ambitious woman, Paloma, who will not rest until she gets her wish of becoming the first lady of her country; and for that, she will find a way to get close to approach and seduce the leading presidential candidate with the most probabilities of winning the elections: Leonardo Santander. But in her rush to achieve her pretentions plan, she will end up hurting anyone who gets in her way, including her own family. 
The Voice of Freedom, Helenita Vargas (62x1h Series)
It is the story of Helena Vargas, a woman who wanting to be free in a terribly chauvinistic period (the 50's), where women had more duties than rights and were destined to be mothers and wives and nothing more, she found in music, a way to express her deep desire for freedom, overcoming all the obstacles of a prejudice society, starting with her own family.
The Sweetest Love (124X1h): The allure of the forbidden
Debts will have Martin leave the race track and become a driver for Natalia, an important executive. This is the tale of a hurried love story, which shows how four generations of women fall in love with the wrong men. 
Fugitives (40x1h): Nothing Stops love 
Julian´s life changes when he is accused of a crime he did not commit and he is taken to prison. This injustice will make him lose everything, the only way out will be for him to open his heart and find in love, the strength to escape and prove his innocence. 
Shocking Clips 
The short clips are added to Caracol Internacional´s offer. Scenes shot by the most daring camera operators who managed to capture explosions, natural disasters and shocking moments will be the ideal option for those who want to impress their audiences. Additionally we now have a wide variety of clips from scenes and funny moments captured by the ordinary lens which will be available to entertain international audiences. With this new product in its portfolio, Caracol´s clients will have high impact scenes to nourish their news research and entertainment shows.