Caracol Internacional will be present in the first edition of MAMTV

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Caracol Internacional and its wide portfolio will be present in the first edition of MAMTV (World Audiovisual Market), the first international fair in Spain of production and distribution of audiovisual contents, which will be held on November 24th to 26th in Madrid.
Caracol Internacional executives will be located in Stand 71 presenting a nourished portfolio with productions marked by love, suspense and action, which have captivated screens in all continents because of their high quality production values. The productions which will headline the catalogue are:
Pablo Escobar, The Drug Lord (74x1h Series)
This successful title has seduced audiences in all the continents and has been sold in more than 80 countries, it narrates the story of Colombia´s most feared drug dealer; his childhood, teenage years and the journey that led him to become one of the most wanted by the authorities   during the decade of the 90´s. Praised by the international press, this production had the participation of more than 1.300 actors and over 450 locations. 
The Voice of Freedom, Helenita Vargas (62x1h Series)
It is the story of Helena Vargas, a woman wanting to be free in a terribly chauvinistic period (the 50's), where women had more duties than rights and were destined to be only mothers and wives. In music she found a way to express her deep desire for freedom, overcoming obstacles in a prejudice society, starting with her own family. 
The Sweetest Love (124X1h Telenovela)
Debts will make Martin leave the race track to become a driver for Natalia, an important executive. This is the story of hurried love and how four generations of women fall in love with the wrong men. 
Men Cry Too (41X1h Series)
An entertaining comedy with tints of drama, it tells in a particular way the emotional journey of Javier, a man who thought he had everything in life: being a renowned Doctor, being married to a gorgeous woman and being days away from getting his ideal job promotion. But everything changes when he gets notified the job promotion was given to a colleague of his, and when his wife, Maria, who left for the trip they had planned for Miami earlier, tells him not to go meet her since she has started a new life with someone else. This particular character will have to assume the loss of his partner however he can, but it won’t be easy. On his path to heal his heart, he, as well as other men who pass through his life, will open their hearts and show that men are weak and vulnerable inside, and how they suffer from broken hearts, even more than women.