Caracol Internacional starts strong in NATPE

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Caracol Internacional is proud to attend the 2016 edition of NATPE with new releases marked by impressive high billing productions accompanied by a nourished portfolio of telenovelas, movies and documentaries from all genres. This version, will take place in Miami from the 19th of January till the 21st.
The Caracol Internacional executives will be located at Tresor 2-1814 - 2-1816 presenting its most recent productions.
The White Slave, Because Blood has the same Color (Super Series 60x1h)
This Mega production talks about Victoria’s story, a women who everybody knows like the marquise that arrived to America to get married to a prosperous merchant of the region. However, the truth is different, because years ago she was rescued from death and raised in secret by slaves who became her family, but she was snatched from her loved ones to be sent to Spain, because according to society, a white woman could not live with slaves. As time goes by, she will decide to face anybody that gets in her way to rescue her loved ones, to face the murderer of her parents and reunite herself with the man she would give her life for. 
The series, made with very high production values such as optical film with f55 cameras and impeccable art work is carried out by the renowned Spanish actress Nerea Camacho, winner of the Goya Award. She will be accompanied by an amazing cast of actors like the Spaniard Miguel de Miguel, the Venezuelan actor Luciano D'Alessandro, the Cuban actor Dorian Suarez, the Panamanian actress Miroslava del Carmen and Puerto Rican actor Modesto Lacen, whom stand out among others.
River of Passions (Series 60x1h)
It tells the story of Felipe Guerra, a young foreman of a cattle ranch, who discovers in the eyes of the beautiful Lina Maria Henao, the one true love. Aware of the economic differences between his beloved and himself, he decides to accept the proposal to capture the drug lord Miguel de Jesus Ortega for a million-dollar reward. During the length of this mission, the young man will assume a new identity and forget about the city where he was born. But what about Lina while he's gone? Cristian, who is supposed to be Felipe’s best friend, will have no problem accompanying her until he returns.

International Humor Festival 2015 (15x1h)


Over 15 exclusive chapters, more than 60 artists be part the most spectacular shows, ranging from humor, magic and imitation, up to fantastic numbers of Stand Up Comedy and illusionism, featuring more than 60 national and international comedians, with renowned names like Umbilical Brothers , Men in Coats, Hassam, Brad Byers (the sword swallower), Suso and Antonio, Diaz the Pop Magician from Discovery Max, from different countries like Spain, Argentina, Chile, Australia, Ukraine, Britain, France and Colombia.

Soul Sisters (Series 80x1h)

The Soul Sisters are two heroines who give everything for their family, for their artistic career and a musical genre that bathes them with glory and fame. Nelly and Fabiola Calle cling onto their voices and are released to position popular music, a genre despised by broadcasters and record companies. Their life will not be easy, as they will be forced to support their family. When they are small they suffer on behalf of their father and as adults, because of their husbands, becoming an overcoming, romantic, heartbreaking story with a lot of rhythm.

Documentaries (x1h)

A series of powerful documentaries produced in partnership with Discovery Channel and other independent producers. Directed by renowned documentarians and produced with high quality standards, present in depth research topics, about today’s social issues.


Movies (x2h)

Caracol International has included in its catalog a series of exciting and entertaining movies. The Potato Cartel, Before the Fire, Letter to Baby Jesus, The Principal and Living on a Dream are at the top of the list, produced with high quality standards and are available to entertain the audience from all continents.