Caracol arrives to NATPE Budapest

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Caracol Internacional will be present in the 2016 edition of NATPE, to be held from June 27 to June 30th with a portfolio filled with action, suspense, drama, humor and entertainment. The productions that are going to be presented are done with high quality standards and have seduced not only Colombian audiences but also audiences around the whole world. 
Caracol Internacional´s executives will be located on booth S6 presenting titles which will captivate the visitors of this important fair. The productions highlighting this portfolio are: 
The White Slave (Series 62x1h):
With high production values this period series tells the life of a white woman raised by slaves, who years after being separated from her family, comes back to America to avenge the death of her biological parents, free her adoptive family and reunite with the love of her life. 
The Girl (Series 80x1h):
The Girl, series which leads in Colombia´s prime time, is a story based in real life events, and tells the story of a girl who was forcefully recruited by the guerrilla and who lived through the horrors of war first-hand. After many years she leaves the armed group to start a road back to society, which won’t be easy. When she begins the reintegration process she has to face the rejection of many people, including her own family. 
River of Passions (Telenovela 61x1h):
It tells the story of Felipe Guerra, a young foreman of a cattle ranch, who discovers in the eyes of the beautiful Lina Maria Henao, the one true love. Aware of the economic differences between his beloved and himself, he decides to accept the proposal to capture the drug lord Miguel de Jesus Ortega for a million-dollar reward. During the length of this mission, the young man will assume a new identity and forget about the city where he was born. But what about Lina while he´s gone? Cristian, who is supposed to be Felipe’s best friend, will have no problem accompanying her until he returns.
On Another Level (Entertainment):
On Another Level is an original musical format from Caracol Television which gathers the best professional singers in the country who are looking for fame. The singer has to go inside an elevator located on the first level and sing a song for 90 seconds. On the third level, three judges will listen, and if they like the performance, at least two of them must press the button so the elevator takes the singer up to the stage located on the third level, where the contestant´s family, the three judges and the audience await. The selected singers will put their level to test in the second stage, when they perform along with other singers the same song but in different musical genres (Pop, Rock, Latin). In these fusions, the participants will have to work as a team to give a great show, creating a version that the audience has never heard before. When they finish the song, a member of the group will be eliminated and the survivors will continue to ascend levels until they are part of the four finalists, which will be picked by the public and get as a prize, a tour of national concerts. From this group of four, the public will choose the winner, who will win an album recording by a renowned record company
Digging for Love (Telenovela 60x1h):
Digging for Love is a fun story for all the family. It narrates the life of two neighbor families: The Murcia and the Otero family, who have had the best relationship until one day they fight, and as destiny would have it, that same day something unexpected occurs: The Murcia family discovers a treasure in the garden of their house, a giant golden statue buried in the ground between both of their houses. From that moment on, a series of failed attempts to try to unearth it will make way for a countless number of entertaining and dramatic situations. What both families are unaware of, is that the original owner of the desired treasure is about to be released from jail and will come back to recover his fortune at any price.