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Catalina lives in a small town where most of her classmates have had breast enhancement surgery and look voluptuous as they economically prosper thanks to the money they receive from the drug dealers who take their sexual favors. In order to enter this new world of apparent happiness, opulence and prosperity in which her friends live, Catalina has no other choice: she must have big breasts, like the ones men like, reason why she dedicates all her creativity and efforts to come up with the money to get silicone implants and be able to enter that “paradise”. But Catalina never took in consideration the high price she would have to pay for her ambition.



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    “Without breasts there is no paradise” is the story of Catalina, she is the protagonist of our story. An adolescent girl who lives in a small town with her mother Hilda, her brother Bayron and her boy friend and lover Albeiro. She is an innocent, stubborn and very vulnerable woman, who listens too much to her friends advises. She drops out of school to pursue her dream, to get out of poverty and enter a world of opulence, richness and appreciation. But to achieve this, her natural beauty is not enough as she has almost no breast. She thinks that by having silicon implants she can become the girl friend of a drug dealer, who will help her to fulfill her dream of richness Pursuing her dreams she even sells herself sexually. This is how she gets the money to travel to the capital city, to make more money for her implant operation. When she finally makes it, living in opulence and greatness, she marries Marcial. It’s then when the implants, that opened the doors to her dreams, start to affect her health and her life.