120 episodes



Production dubbed to english. When Gabriela is out exploring the road in which she will compete on for a spot in the National Skating League, she is victim of a terrible twist of fate, when a car passes a red light and hits her. The driver, Pablo Cordoba, left her in the clinic and escaped in order to evade any responsibility. Pablo is uncontrollable, a womanizer and is the son of Efrain Cordoba, owner of the important Colombian Juices company. Pablo’s father changes his son’s lavish lifestyle by making him work as laborer for one year, without anyone knowing who he is. This is Pablo’s only requirement to be the future company manager. On the other hand, Gabriela is conscious that the road to resume her sports career will be long. She starts working as a laborer in Colombian Juices, crossing paths with Pablo Cordoba. When he sees her, he wants to make up for all the pain he has caused Gabriela, unaware that he will fall in love with her in the process. From that moment on, he constantly debates between carrying out the pact with his father and keep his secret hidden from the woman he loves.



  • as 
    Gabriela Rueda
    She is a young noble woman, generous and with a big heart, and the only thing she wants is to become the best skater of the country, but an absurd accident forces her to retire from that sport and to get a job as a regular worker at a factory of beverages, in order to help her mother with the expenses of her house, because her father is a “good for nothing” and he spends the little money he earns in casinos and street bets.
  • as 
    Pablo Cordoba
    Son of a wealthy family, owner of a prestigious factory of beverages and the only thing he has done is wasting his family’s money and now that he is twenty eight years old, he still thinks life is a game and he spends his time flirting with beautiful women, until his life changes when he knocks Gabriela down with his car and his father changes his identity so he can work at his factory in a modest position as a regular worker, where he ends up falling in love with Gabriela.
  • as 
    The Invoicing Chief of Malterías Tropical, Gabriela’s neighbor and a full time jackass, boasts about his friendship with Mr. Efraín, the owner of the factory, and he brags about being one of his closest friends. With his false gallantry and his hypocrite smile, he manages to have Gabriela’s parents on his side. He has always been in love with Gabriela and he manages to get her a job in the factory, thanks to his contacts.
  • as 
    Yurani Cortés
    Gabriela’s cousin, thinks that you only live once and that you have to take the greatest advantage of every single minute. She is a very hard worker and she spends almost all the money she earns, in makeup and clothes. She thinks Gabriela is like her sister; she is her confidant in her relationship with Pablo and thinks they belong to each other, despite all the difficulties they have in their relationship.