About Us

Caracol Televisión is a private-operated national television network that has produced many of Colombia’s most innovative and successful television programs. Today, CARACOL TV has become a true powerhouse, expanding its influence beyond Colombia through its world-class International Channel and International Distribution Division: CARACOL INTERNATIONAL. 
Operating offices in Miami, Madrid and Bogotá, Caracol International distributes CARACOL’s original and cutting edge telenovelas, series and entertainment formats. These programs have reached several continents, crossed cultural and linguistic barriers, and obtained international recognition for its outstanding ratings throughout the globe. With fifty years of experience in the industry of television, Caracol currently produces 5,200 hours of audiovisual content per year, has more than 10,000 hours of original programming, its programs have been broadcasted in nearly 80 countries throughout five continents, and local adaptations of its scripts have become great worldwide successes. 
In addition, Caracol also provides production services in Colombia to international allies for the execution of productions and co-productions upon request. This has enabled the development of joint business projects with renouned companies such as Telemundo-RTI, TV Azteca and Sony Pictures Television. Caracol Televisión has eleven studios (seven of them equipped with High Definition technology), that range from 260 to 800 square meters, for a total capacity of almost 20,000 square meters.