The Queen of Flow wins the first Emmy for Colombia

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"The Queen of Flow," Caracol Television's acclaimed production, won the International Emmy Award in the Best Telenovela category last Monday night, in a color-filled ceremony staged at the Hilton Hotel in New York.
The 2019 International Emmy is an award that recognizes the best productions from all over the world in different categories. So far, "The Queen of Flow" has been aired in more than 80 countries around the world, after positioning itself as one of the telenovelas with the greatest audience since its screen debut in 2018.
Juana Uribe, Vice President of the Caracol Television Channel, remarked: "You need to be more demanding each time, set the bar higher, have challenges, take risks with themes, not be afraid to suggest new things."
The story starring the talented actors Carolina Ramírez and Carlos Torres tells a dramatic story full of romance, action, and reggaeton, where Yeimy Montoya, a young artist who, after serving an unjust sentence in a New York jail, seeks revenge by any means against her former love, Charlie Flow.
Camilo Acuña, VP of Marketing and Programming of Caracol Television, highlighted: "The Queen of Flow" is a production combining local flavor with an international theme. This has turned it into a breakout hit in every market it lands in".
Lisette Osorio, VP of International Sales for Caracol Television, added: "Caracol Television keeps on rising above borders. This Emmy acknowledges the tireless effort of our company in developing productions that conquer audiences worldwide".
The awards again recognized the best television shows produced and broadcast outside the U.S. after voting by 600 professionals from the world of television from 40 countries around the world.