Love, lack of love, envy and betrayal are the ingredients of the new soap opera Mariana and Scarlett, the story of two sisters that without knowing fall in love with the same man. Mariana and Scarlett are two middle class women, pretty, fighters and determined to succeed. But that’s all they have in common. While Mariana is serious, sweet, calm and she wants to do everything the right way, Scarlett is funny, naughty, aggressive and she wants to do everything the easy way. Mariana’s desire is to set up her own dressmaking workshop and design her own clothes while Scarlett’s desire is to be a worldwide famous model. In their path towards fulfilling their dreams, they both will meet Roberto White, a millionaire man who is the owner of a textile factory and whose marriage is broken. While he gets the divorce, he will date both sisters, but under two different identities. With Scarlett he will be Roberto, a millionaire businessman, while with Mariana he will be Boby, a security agency employee. When Roberto finds out that he has fallen in love with Mariana, he will break up with Scarlett, but his happiness won’t last long because soon, Mariana will find out about his trick and she will break up with him once and for all. On the other hand, Scarlett finds out that Roberto abandoned her for Mariana, which affects the relationship between the two sisters in an irreversible way. After this, Scarlett and Mariana become rivals and both fight for Roberto’s love.

Mariana is a sweet and caring woman. She works at one of the textile stores of the well known White family as a salesclerk where she has no opportunity to create or design, which is what she really wants to do or even been able to study given the economic situation of her family. She would have never thought that the love of her life would be Roberto White, the owner of the famous textile and fashion design company where she works. She feels that her father doesn’t love her very much, because she belives that he has always loved her sister more. She dreams of having a fashion design workshop where they make exclusive clothes designed by her, but in order to achieve this she will have to overcome the hardest tests of her life where she will also experience love, even if she has to confront an enemy she would have never imagined: her sister.

Scarlett is a beautiful and ambitious woman. Her dream is to become the best model of the country and she will do whatever it takes to achieve this. She doesn’t want to go to the university because she belives it is useless. She is a manipulative person and she takes advantage of her beauty to get what she wants including seducing Roberto White, the big magnate of the fashion and textile industry whom she met at a fashion show. Fate will force her to share this man with one of the persons she loves the most, her sister Mariana. She wants to get where no other model has ever gotten before and White is the perfect man to serve her dark intentions. She will do whatever it takes to keep him beside her even if she has to confront Mariana, her only sister.

Roberto White is a well respected business man who is the owner of the famous company White Textiles. He is married to Beatriz Arango but his marriage is a big failure because he stopped loving his wife a long time ago. Given his economic status he socializes with the most beautiful women of the country. One night at a fashion show he meets Scarlett and is completly amazed by her beauty. He never imagined that soon he would meet another woman very different from those he used to date, and that this would change his life to such extent that he would change his identity to avoid a tragedy between the two sisters. The life of this wealthy heir is about to change. He had never been able to experience love in the past, but now this will be made possible by Mariana.

The love she feels for her husband Roberto is so intense, that she even begs him not to leave her and is determined to let him do whatever he wants. She has a fashion company in partnership with Juan Carlos her cousin and best friend, whom is also her shoulder to cry on. Her need of affection will push her to make many mistakes that will take her away from reality, to the point of almost reaching madness. She uses Gonzalo her father in law to intervene for her with Roberto and ask him not to let their marriage fail and lose her status in society.

Due to some problems with his father in the past, Gonzalo has not been able to enjoy the fortune of his family but ironically his son Roberto has. He has great influence on his son’s decisions and he doesn’t agree on him getting a divorce from his wife Beatriz. He is the shadow behind the power and won’t let his son throw away all the hard work and sacrifices made by his father during so many years to be able to build that huge economic empire that currently is one of the most prosperous of the country.

He is a compulsive womanizer and thanks to his job as a photographer, things are even easier for him. He is Roberto’s best friend, but that doesn’t stop him from feeling envy and being jealous of him and his life style. Because of this, he agrees to help Lina with one of her evil plans against Roberto. A few years earlier he had a lot of money, but when he got involved with Lina she ruined him. Since then his salvation has always been Roberto White.

She has a dark past and she has had many lovers with Gonzalo White been among them, and even Roberto had a fling with her once. After living for some years in Paris, she comes back to take revenge against the White family, because when she had her romance with Gonzalo, he only considered her as his lover and not as his wife, which was her original plan to be able to become the heiress of the huge fortune. She is Beatriz’s younger sister and she has no scruple when it comes to ruin somebody else’s life.

She is an extremely naive woman who meets Miguel Ángel and imediatly falls in love with him. Unfortunately he doesn’t have any feelings for her. She is Scarlett’s best friend and her accomplice in all the crazy things she does. She gets in all kinds of trouble, sometimes because of her best friend’s fault, from which she doesn’t always come out well. She shows Miguel Ángel her love by giving him a son, but he doesn’t repay her the way she expected. Her life will always be marked by disappointment because of her lack of character.

He is the fashion designer at White Textiles and at the same time he is Roberto’s secret enemy in his own company. His designs are always criticized by his boss and this makes him hate him even more. When Lina arrives back in the country, he becomes her unconditional ally and helps to put her evil plans in motion against the White family. He is a cheating, dishonest man who has a textile smuggling net inside the company that can cause many problems to the respected White family with the authorities.

Although he is Beatriz and Lina’s cousin, he is nothing like them and on the contrary is a very serious and honest person. He is Beatriz’s partner at their fashion company and it is there where he meets Mariana and falls so deep in love with her that he doesn’t even care that she doesn’t have feelings for him. He helps Mariana achieve her dream of becoming a great fashion designer, even if he has to step over his dear cousin, Roberto’s wife. He never loses hope of becoming more than just a friend in Mariana’s life.

He is Scarlett’s ex boyfriend whom driven by the deep love he feels for her, tries to climb up positions at the textile company to please her and to make her feel proud of him hoping she will go back to him. He also falls into Lina’s hands and because of this ends up disappointing his friends. His aspirations are huge, but for some people at the company he will never be anything more than just another employee, and no matter how hard he tries, will never stop being the ordinary person he is. His love for Scarlett will bring him to make many mistakes.

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